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Sleight of Hand in draft New City Plan

The existing Brisbane City Plan 2000 earmarks six sites for “new public open space” within the South Brisbane Riverside Neighbourhood Plan. Four new parks are to be delivered as part of the high rise development of the Parmalat site, the ACI site, the Absoe site and a third site south of Davies Park – the Lord Mayor recently identified Bailey Street as the location. The other two parks require the acquisition of land at 68 Vulture Street and 281 Montague Road, so expanding Davies Park. Council has issued a Notice for Compulsory Acquisition of 68 Vulture Street, triggered by...

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City Plan ignores open space

“Parks can improve physical and mental health, ecosystem services and urban biodiversity. You don’t have to use these spaces to benefit from them.” wrote senior lecturer Jason Byrne, Griffith University (9 January 2012). Brisbane City Council is furiously approving all kinds of new apartment buildings, all over West End. The LNP’s ambition is to bring a further 26,000 residents into 4101. Since the last census in 2011 an additional 3,000 residents have already moved in. However Council hasn’t been as quick to bring in the social and trunk infrastructure, such as additional parks and green space. Unless City Council...

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Residents resolve to act on revised city plan

Helen Abrahams hosted a meeting of West End residents at South’s Leagues Club on Saturday to go through the South Brisbane Riverside Neighbourhood Plan and its implications in detail. Under consideration are the development sites south of Davies Park along Montague Rd which represent thousands of new apartments and residents. Westender recently reported Councillor Abraham’s challenge to the Brisbane City Council to explain the discrepancies between the revised draft City Plan and the approved Neighbourhood Plan. At the time she specifically focused on the changes to designated parkland along Montague Rd at what was the Distance Education Building. Instead,...

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Draft City Plan surprises residents

Residents of Rogers and Raven St West End were surprised to learn this week that their homes no longer exist, at least on the draft city plan of a future West End released his week by Brisbane City Council. The plan replaces their homes with a new park in a reshuffle of the green space between Montague Rd and the Brisbane River, to allow developers to build more apartments. Residents expressed alarm and concern about the new plan, describing it as an “attack on their peace of mind” and “inconsistent with community values”. Councillor Helen Abrahams has called for...

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City-plan swamps commonsense

BUILDING UNITS IN FLOOD-PRONE LAND BRINGS FORWARD UNCOMMON PROBLEMS The floods of 2011 were a natural disaster that affected many residents, businesses and the broader community. That natural flood event would influence the ambitions of Brisbane’s WECA and the people of Brisbane never thought it would ever head in this direction though. “City Council has not ruled out demolishing houses on higher-ground in a off-set deal done for a developer on a flood-prone site in West End” said WECA President, Dr Erin Evans. “This is an outlandish situation. The developer wants to avoid the mandated publicly accessible space on their site so they...

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