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Engaging a new Dark Age of Corporate Feudalism

Recently I wrote about ‘Entering A New Dark Age’ and its policy impact on asylum seekers published in The Westender under the title ‘Corporate Feudalism’ The two default reactions for dealing with a threat to civic society like the ‘New Dark Age Of Corporate Feudalism’ we are face to face with are ‘Fight’ and ‘Flight’ The first option, favoured by the hawks among us, is ‘Fight Against The Darkness’. The trouble is that this reflects and reinforces the neo-feudal ‘crusade’ mentality of society and will only increase the darkness of our New Dark Age. The second option, favoured by...

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Thrift paradox costs Bertie budget bet

Psychic’s don’t win the lottery so I should have known better. I like risk though, so I bet against the petrol levy.  I hope none of you went out and put the farm on SportsBet. “Too bad, so sad” if you did. I lost the farm shortly after I lost the plot. The budget outcome confirms one thing, ably captured by First Dog on the Moon’s wonderful infographic in the Guardian: The government is not trying to manage the economy, it just wants to hurt the people who vote against it. The evidence is simple, but you will have to follow...

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Guardian challenges basis of banking

An article in the Guardian last month is doing the rounds because of the implications for the role of governments and the banks. The article starts with a 1030’s quote from Henry Ford, that it was a good thing that most Americans didn’t know how banking really works, because if they did, “there’d be a revolution before tomorrow morning”. It goes on to say, “Last week, something remarkable happened. The Bank of England let the cat out of the bag … they stated outright that most common assumptions of how banking works are simply wrong, and that the kind of populist,...

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Mindless Media ignores March in March

Thousands of Queenslander marched from Queens Park in Brisbane yesterday to protest against the extremism of the Abbot Government despite the heat, and the rail closures across Brisbane’s South. The March was part of a nationwide movement that brought thousands onto the street. Despite the large numbers, the march was completely ignored in the mainstream media, the Courier Mail did not mention it at all, the network television stations did not cover it and the  Brisbane Times simply ran stories from other capitals. This concerted effort at a media boycott of the event highlights the importance of independent media...

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We Are Entering A New Dark Age

Anybody who knows me, knows that I have been having a recurring nightmare – now more than ever – that we are entering A New Dark Age. And Jacques Attali, who was a professor of economics at the Polytechnique in Paris, and was appointed as the president of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development based in London, shares my nightmare. Attali says: ‘By 2050, 8 billion people will populate the earth. More than two-thirds will live in the poorest countries. Seeking to escape their desperate fate, millions will attempt to leave behind their misery to seek a decent...

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