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Westenders are spoiled for choice when it comes to cultural events. The shortlist of what's on this week is a great example of this, from top shows at the pop up supper club to art and history exhibitions, we have it all.

Whether you live or work in the area, West End offers you the opportunity to stretch your horizons and look outside the every day for that something extra. With our Free French Film tickets and poetry prize you can participate in the vibrant, local scene.

Business readers now have a dedicated weekly eNews devoted to their concerns. Read about Business Voice, below. 

Hot Brown Honey Burlesque

Pop-up Supper Club at Metro Arts

When night falls and the day’s business is done, let the good times roll at Metro Arts’ Pop Up Bar & Supper Club on Wednesday 19 – Friday 21 February, from 5pm til late.

A hidden space, transformed into an engaging and provocative setting designed for conversation, entertainment and some up-close and personal ... Read online.

Faiths come together to bless the soil

Faiths come together to bless the soil

Indigenous Elders and Buddhists gather for meaningful act of Reconciliation.

Early in 2013 Aunty Peggy Tidyman and a delegation of the local Logan Elders were invited to the Chung Tian Temple as part of building understanding between  ... Read online.

Brainal Pipes Confusion Cave

Brainal Pipes Confusion Cave

Collaborative artists Wilkins Hill (Wendy Wilkins and Wes Hill) have been working together since 2000, pursuing a shared interest in the phenomenological aspects of communicating meaning between an artwork and an audience.

In Brainal Pipes Confusion Cave, the artists expand upon a series of works developed in Germany between 2008 and ... Read online.

Less than a month to go till WEFF!

Less than a month to go till WEFF!

The West End Film Festival (WEFF) is an Australian short film competition held in one of Australia’s most vibrant communities, Brisbane’s West End. Established in 2009, it was obvious that the Brisbane film community was crying out for a short film festival they could call their own. Now in its 5th ...

Read online.

Find Terry White online

Business newsletter rebranded

Westender's weekly business eNews has been rebranded as Business VoiceWestender now produces two free weekly eNews letters for the two different groups actively following the affairs of 4101.

  • The Community newsletter now goes to a little over 7,000 subscribers every week.
  • The new weekly business newsletter, ... Read online.
12 Years as a Slave cast

Slave film brilliant and brutal

Brilliant, unrelenting, brutal. 12 Years as a Slave is sweeping the film festival and award circuit as a major film event, a classic work of art that will resound ... Read online.

Who blinded Sheila Oakley?

Who blinded Sheila Oakley?

Photo: Jimmy Wall

Supporters of Sheila Oakley wanting the identity released of the police officer who shot a taser barb in her left eye marched to Logan police station today.

Before walking to the police station the supporters had gathered outside her ... Read online.

Pine Gap near Alice Springs

Pine Gap - the dark secret in our centre

The Pine Gap facility was at the heart of the dismissal of the Whitlam Government in 1972

There is a tragedy hidden in the heart of Australia. On ancient, remote Aboriginal lands, a cluster of strangely shaped buildings squat in an extraordinarily remote area. For decades ...

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Free french film poster

Five days to win $50 or free French Film

The March print edition of Westender will be out on the 6th of March. 

That gives you til Monday (24 Feb) to get your submissions to us in the Westender Poetry Prize and the free French Film promotion.

One wag has observed that it not common knowledge that French Film has been oppressed. He is not a reliable source, however, having told jokes about dancing naked in a barn because his marriage counsellor told him to "do something sexy to a tractor."

See you next week.