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With two film festivals running this month, free tickets to the South's first game of the season on Sunday 16th and cheap tickets to Mountaintop for under 30s you could be excused for not making it home except to sleep until the equinox on March 22.

Of course, we might be playing in the fountains as the world catches fire around us. Jimmy Wall and Dave Andrews remind us that the major powers are playing brinkmanship in a geopolitical chess game that is bigger than the Hollywood blockbusters that have been predicting it since the early seventies.

You can rely on your Westender to bring you the news with our usual mix of hope, cynicism and honesty. 

Less than a month to go till WEFF!

WEFF less than a month away

The West End Film Festival (WEFF) is an Australian short film competition held in one of Australia’s most vibrant communities, Brisbane’s West End. Established in 2009, it was obvious that the Brisbane film community was crying out for a  ... Read online.

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Europeans snaffle French Film Festival tickets 

Our promotional give-away of tickets to French Film Festival sessions has reached its logical conclusion. Eight Westenders are off to enjoy the Festival courtesy of Alliance Francaise and Westender.

The festival runs over the course of this month and features 42 different French films from a wide array of genre. The French businesses of Brisbane are out in ... Read online.

The Mountaintop

Cheap tickets to Mountaintop for under 30s


The Mountainop is a radical theatre piece depicting the last night of Martin Luther King Jnr

You might have heard that there is a breakthrough work, The Mountaintop, on at The Playhouse Theatre QPAC right now. Starring Pacharo Mzembe and Candy Bowers... written by Katori Hall.... It's a show ... Read online.

Mzaza in world music collision at Bearded Lady

Mzaza in world music collision at Bearded Lady

Brisbane’s world music darlings Mzaza and their talented Portland friends The Underscore Orkestra are back in West End for a special show at the Bearded Lady on 13th March.

On an afternoon in spring some time ago French singer Pauline ... Read online.

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I am human see me share

"Sharing is caring," I have been told. An idea that has had a massive impact on how we now use the Internet. It is part of what is often referred to as sharing culture (participatory culture).

It is also related to what is known as Web 2.0. The term dates back to 1999. Not describing a new ... Read online.

Duck and cover, World War 3 might be around the corner

Duck and cover, World War 3 might be around the corner

When I read in Foreign Policy that Kremlin has stated, "Vladimir Putin stressed that in case of any further spread of violence to Eastern Ukraine and Crimea, Russia retains the right to protect its interests and the Russian-speaking population of those areas," it sent chills down my spine.

It might ... Read online.

Dave Andrews

We Are Entering A New Dark Age

Dave Andrews at home in West End

Anybody who knows me, knows that I have been having a recurring nightmare - now more than ever - that we are entering A New Dark Age.
And Jacques Attali, who was a professor of economics at the Polytechnique in Paris, and ... Read online.

“Are you a psychopath?”

“Are you a psychopath?”

Comm Bank CEO defends bank profits at QUT Business Leaders Forum.

PEOPLE who criticise the big four banks for making too much profit are out of touch with financial reality, Commonwealth Bank CEO Ian Narev told a packed QUT Business Leaders Forum today.

Mr Narev, speaking at the sold-out ... Read online.

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