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10,000 new residents

With over 4,500 apartments approved and in some stage of development the character of West End will change.

The once industrial end of town is making its presence felt on a number of levels. Not only is it the focus of major development and planning activity but some of the businesses there are punching above their weight.

The markets and the number of workers in the businesses on Montague Rd have nurtured a vibrant cafe culture that is no starting to support its own cultural scene. Certainly West Enders who have not ventured more than a block West of Boundary Street for a while are in for a little surprise.

Fiona Stager with local pollies

Mothers Day promotion opens

Avid Reader's Fiona Stager thrills local Labor luminaries last year

Twenty West End businesses will have the opportunity to participate in a Mother's Day promotion initiated by Fiona Stager at Avid Reader. The promotion was a huge success last year, encouraging local shoppers not just to ...

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Draft City Plan surprises residents

Draft City Plan surprises residents

City Council's new planning tool allows property owners to see planning controls at a glance

Residents of Rogers and Raven St West End were surprised to learn this week that their homes no longer exist, at ... Read online.

Social media strategy at free breakfast on Montague

Social media strategy at free breakfast on Montague

Simon Dell is an accomplished speaker and social media expert

Two Cents' Simon Dell will be in West End this month to provide an update on using Social Media in your business. He will be speaking at a free event at ... Read online.

Find out more about the chamber

Swiping new customers with social media

Given the emphasis on social media this last year this is just a link to Westender's summary of the pearls of wisdom that have dropped on local businesses to date. ... Read online.

Put a poet on your porch

Put a poet on your porch

Friday 21st March is World Poetry Day and some local businesses are hiring a performance poet to perform at their portal, serenading shoppers as they slip in to spend up. Westender, Bent Books and the Kurilpa Poets are pushing poetry with a regular Poet of the Month prize provided by Bent ...

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Minister Sue Pickering

New Minister walks the walk

Minister Sue Pickering met with some local businesses last week

The Uniting Church on Vulture St (just East of Boundary) has sported a huge We're Open banner most mornings for the last week. Music wafts from the open door of the church and a lit candle within provides a ... Read online.

Visit the French Film Festival this month

Business Voice launched by Westender

You are reading Business Voice, the eNews from Westender publishing house Urban Voice Pty Ltd.

This has evolved out of the Westender business section and is now going out more broadly to businesses across Brisbane. Just as we did with the Westender last year, we are building online at first ... Read online.