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West End homes vanish

Two stories this week detail the impact of the BCC new draft city plan. Read the detail of how some residents awoke to find their homes have vanished from the future of the city.

The rest of us might not be sleeping well either. This news comes to you on International Day of Sleep which is not as much fun as next week's International Poetry Day - when Westender works with local wordsmiths to woo you, the reader, to worship wonderful writing.

Freebies too, this Sunday, as Souths invite you to a Free family day at the Footy.

Draft City Plan surprises residents

Draft City Plan surprises many

City Council's new planning tool allows property owners to see planning controls at a glance

Residents of Rogers and Raven St West End were surprised to learn this week that their homes no longer exist, at ... Read online.

Poetry permeates the precinct

Poetry permeates the precinct

Imagine poetry being proclaimed the length and breadth of the Kurilpa Peninsula, with every nook and cranny of the region ringing to the rhythm and meter of verse. That's what the Westender is planning for World Poetry Day, Friday 21st March.

Poetry in the workplace, in the home, in ... Read online.

Casino in 4101 rumours scotched

Casino in 4101 rumours scotched

There will be no new casino between Montague Rd and the River, West End Community Association heard on Tuesday evening.

Following public meetings last November about the future of the development of the industrial precinct between Montague Street and the Brisbane River the West End Community Association advised members that ... Read online.

JP Davies has become Terry White

Next phase for Spiral Hub

With a SOLD sign on the Spiral Hub’s old premises in Boundary St, it’s time for Westender to catch up with co-founder Amelia Salmon and review the state of play. After all, the site has been home to Spiral Hub since 2000.

Amelia said that the move is in response to ongoing changes what social enterprises need.

“A decade ago it made sense to provide access to  ... Read online.

Are you getting enough sleep?

Are you getting enough sleep?

Given today is World Sleep Day, it’s time to reflect on which professions get the least sleep – with lawyers, police officers and paramedics topping the list, followed by economists, social workers and computer programmers.

“It’s an eclectic list,” agrees Dr Carmel Harrington, a Consultant Sleep Scientist to Australia’s leading ... Read online.

Minister Sue Pickering

A new Minister in our midst

Minister Sue Pickering at Northey Street Farm last year

The Uniting Church on Vulture St (just East of Boundary) has sported a huge We're Open banner most mornings for the last week. Music wafts from the open door of the church and a lit candle within provides a ... Read online.

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Free Family Day at the Footy

Souths Logan Magpies will play their first game of the footy season at home in Davies Park on Sunday 16 March against the Burleigh Bears.

Southern Suburbs Rugby League Club CEO, Jim McClelland is giving away free tickets to this Sunday’s match to Westender readers.

“It’ll be a great day, first home game of the year, and we would love to see ... Read online.

Less than a month to go till WEFF!

WEFF in a week

The West End Film Festival (WEFF) is an Australian short film competition held in one of Australia’s most vibrant communities, Brisbane’s West End. Established in 2009, it was obvious that the Brisbane film community was crying out for a short film festival they could call their own. Now in its 5th ... Read online.

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