Celebrating Kurilpa Kulture

With the West End Film Festival projectors still cooling down at Russell and Boundary Street and the echoes of World Poetry Day still ringing in the ears of those on Boundary Street on Friday it has been a weekend of celebrating the vibrant and unique culture of the Kurilpa Peninsula. 

The residents of 4101 are also acutely aware of the power of the Brisbane River and the angst that floods cause those affected. They demonstrated in great numbers on Saturday to protest the council's lapse of sanity in allowing developers to build in the flood zone because real estate prices are better the closer you are to the river.

Read on for more details about the rich tapestry of your West End.

Cameron Logan

Urban Voices a knock out blow

Cameron Logan took out a $50 gift voucher from Bent Books for his incisive views on GOMA goers.

Urban Voices, a celebration of poetry organised by Westender's Kerrod Trott was held at the Boundary Hotel last Friday and was a resounding success. A dozen poets entertained, challenged and moved about thirty Westenders in the  … Read more.

Highgate Hill author shortlisted for Stella Prize

Highgate Hill author shortlisted for Stella Prize

The Stella Prize is pleased to announce the second-ever Stella Prize shortlist.  

The Stella Prize is a $50,000 cash prize that celebrates Australian women’s contribution to literature.  Additionally, and excitingly, for the first time the other five shortlisted authors will also receive  … Read more.

Mindless Media ignores March in March

Mindless Media ignores March

Thousands of Queenslander marched from Queens Park in Brisbane last Sunday to protest against the extremism of the Abbot Government despite the heat and the rail closures across Brisbane's South.

Over the week a huge controversy has ensured regarding the complete failure of the mindless media to cover it. The Murdoch Press across the country said nothing about the march at all, until Andrew Bolt  … Read more.

Your new disability parking permit has ... expired

Your new disability parking permit has ... expired

An expired permit apparently posted this month.

After waiting five weeks for their Disability Parking Permit to arrive, an astute reader noticed with dismay that its expiry date had already passed – 28 February 2014!

A system glitch somewhere … Read more.

Good deeds make good business

Good deeds make good business sense 

    With the introduction of ‘social bonds’ and a range of other initiatives backed by a combination of governments and private money, the notion of ‘impact investing’ is creating increasing interest among super funds in Australia and other big investors around the world.

Ben Thornley, a former investment journalist in Australia, who is a director of the consulting arm … Read more.

City-plan swamps commonsense

City-plan swamps commonsense

BUILDING UNITS IN FLOOD-PRONE LAND BRINGS FORWARD UNCOMMON PROBLEMS The floods of 2011 were a natural disaster that affected many residents, businesses and the broader community. That natural flood event would influence the ambitions of Brisbane’s WECA and the people of Brisbane never thought it would ever head in this direction though. “City Council has not ruled out demolishing houses on higher-ground … Read more.

See you in print!

The April issue is in the final stages of production and will be in your hands early next week. 

You should be able to pick it up on the street a little earlier than that so keep your eyes peeled.

The theme this month is EAT and so there is a bunch of articles on food, plus interviews with local author Kristina Olsson and Uniting Church minister Reverend Sue Pickering; articles on using whatever money you have wisely and well as well as the usual eclectic mix of news and views.