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You can pick up the April edition of Westender on the street right now, and those of you who have subscribed will get it in your letterbox today or tomorrow. Next weekend it will be delivered to 5,011 homes in 4101. Make sure you get your copy whatever way you can.

This week's eNews has a mix of articles from the print edition and news that has broken since. Socrates Now at the Greek Club, for example, was performed on Friday night, after the April edition went to the printer.

Be ready to govern, or die: Socrates now

Socrates shakes West End awake

Socrates was in West End last Friday, at the Greek Club, reminding us all that originally democracy was the government of peers, in which officials were regularly and randomly selected, not by voting, but by lot. Random chance selected the leader among equals, in the army, the executive, in the judiciary, and the jury that condemned Socrates to death. Think … Read more.

Kristina Olsson

Boy, Lost shows path for healing

Kristina Olsson with her book at a signing recently

I read Boy, Lost … cried for a while … rang my mother … wrote to an almost adopted brother who spent his life in institutions because I had taken his place … then cried a little more.

Boy, Lost is a powerful story of loss, separation, unwarranted punishment and the … Read more.

Helping drowsy drivers stay alive

Helping drowsy drivers stay alive with new safety kit 

Shift workers and tired drivers will have a better chance at arriving home safely thanks to a new safety kit.

Safety products distributor, Dawn Page, said “Statistics show that shift workers and long distance drivers are at a high risk in being involved in a drowsy driving accident.”

“I was on a personal mission to … Read more.

Fish oil tablets

Fishy research into fish oils

Fish oil is an important nutritional supplement when carefully selected

Nutritionist and researcher, Rachel Arthur says that fish oils may be more use in treating mental health current individual clinical research trials suggest, especially if you do your homework.

In a recent piece, published on her web-site, she queries the findings of many literature reviews, including the highly regarded 2012Cochrane review into the … Read more.

Get a free possum scarf today

Eat your vegetables! They're even better than you thought.

A new study says that whether or not we serve vegetables with meals carries significant emotional meaning. Researchers set out to determine if the addition, or lack of, a vegetable with a meal altered the eater's attitude towards the meal as well as about the person who made the food. Turns out, there's a lot to be said about serving …

Read more.

Below the line

Below the line

By Daisy Lola

Live Below The Line is a non-profit charity organisation which aims to raise awareness of the poverty that millions of people live with every day.

Participants from across the globe undertake the challenge of eating off a budget of $2 per day, for five days. During this time they raise not only money, but an understanding of … Read more.

Higher profile for your say

Always keen to more effectively deliver our mission of being Brisbane's Urban Voice, Westender now features a letters page in the print edition and website. 

You can comment on any story that we publish, on the general About Us page or submit your letter to

We have limited space in the print publication but will publish any letters or comments online that are not libellous or illegal in some way.

We look forward to empowering you to become part of Brisbane's Urban Voice.