Local businesses stand
out in April print edition

A number of local businesses have really got behind Westender and the local community to promote and develop local culture.

With Westender's promotion of World Poetry Day and the West End Film Festival local businesses got involved by providing money, staff or logistical support to make the events happen. Souths League Club has an ongoing campaign to get locals to the ground and celebrate the club's 150 year history in the area. A range of business groups are involved in business networking and local shop promotions.

It is this kind of cooperative effort that makes a community function more effectively. Good on you businesses of 4101, take a bow.

new logo for Three Monkeys

Cross promotion is smart business

Urban Voice also updated the logo of the iconic cafe

Small business seeking to get the most out of a limited marketing budget could do worse than cross promotion said business consultant and Urban Voice director, Geoff Ebbs, yesterday.

He pointed to the recent partnership between the Mattress Gallery and the Three Monkeys as an example of how  … Read more.

Breakfast with benefits at the Loft on April 3

Breakfast with benefits at the Loft on April 3

The South West Chamber of Commerce is holding its next Breakfast with Benefits at The Loft in West End at 7am on Thur April 3rd. It features Mathhew Snelleksz, author of “Break the Entreprenurial Struggle. Two copies will be given away as benefits to those attending. More details at www.chamber.org. Matthew Snelleksz, is a CPA, business owner and founder of … Read more.

Free financial plan from Yellow Brick Road

Free financial plan from Yellow Brick Road

Two families in the same neighbourhood go off to work each day with similar incomes and similar expenses.

They each have two kids in the local primary school and the kids go to school together. They invite each other for barbecues and get to know each other pretty well.

Gradually though, one family begins to accumulate more wealth. They buy … Read more.

Simon Dell

Berwicks provides social media tips

You know I'm the creative guy, I'm the only one in the room without a tie Local family company Berwicks, shouted local business owners and managers breakfast on March 27, to catch up on the latest trends in social media. Speaker, Simon Dell is an implant from the UK and runs a full service marketing agency known as Two Cents. … Read more.

Helping drowsy drivers stay alive

Helping drowsy drivers stay alive

Drowsy Dawn Page keeping drivers awake Shift workers and tired drivers will have a better chance at arriving home safely thanks to a new safety kit. Safety products distributor, Dawn Page, said “Statistics show that shift workers and long distance drivers are at a high risk in being involved in a drowsy driving accident.” “I was on a personal mission to … Read more.


Wharf Casino on Track

Brisbane’s oldest occupied building will be preserved in the new casino resort

The 12 companies who have expressed interest in developing the government precinct at Queens Wharf opposite South Bank were putting the finishing touches on their formal expressions of interest as this issue of Westender went to print.

Due at 5:00pm AEST on Friday 31st March this is their … Read more.

La Via Campesina

What price the family farm?

A quiet revolution in food distribution is taking place in our midst but most of us remain blissfully unaware. The change will affect every operator of a food business, eventually.

Right now, some of us buy food from market stalls or smaller suppliers. The rest of us pop off to the supermarket or the … Read more.


Markets value stranded assets

Stranded assets will include mines that can no longer be operated because of international pressure

Insurers and risk assessment agencies are writing down the value of fossil fuels, endangering the value of many business and retiree’s investments.

Ben Caldecott, founder of Oxford University’s Stranded Assets Programme and author of the groundbreaking report “Stranded Down Under? Environment-related factors changing China’s demand … Read more.

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