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Next 3,000 in the pipeline

The mission of Westender is to connect you, the 1,000 businesses who read this, with the 20,000 residents, 35,000 workers and 18,000 students who use West End. Not to mention the visitors who come here to play.

Those numbers just keep growing. Paul Hey of Montague Developments estimates that 4500 apartments have already been approved and are under some stage of develepment. 

The Absoe announcement this weeks means that number will continue to expand. Rapidly. For most of us, that can only be good for business. The challenge is to maintain thecharacter of West End, so that visitors keep coming here.

Absoe site vision

Wingate keeps Payce at Absoe

Wingate Developments is responsible for pulling together the development concept at Absoe. The property developer moved into the Absoe Building in February this year and has been working hard to pull together the bits and peices required to finalise the sale, and commence community consulation. Wingate director, Stephen Williams is keen to see a development consistent with … Read more.

Cutting Red Tape site live and promoted

Cutting Red Tape site live and promoted

The Federal Government's campaign to reduce regulation and thus streamline business in Australia has gone live online.

The Cutting Red Tape website outlines the thinking of the government's approach to red tape and the key components of changes to regulation. While the primary purpose of the site is to promote the government's deregulation stance it also  … Read more.

Moheb with his furry mate

Barrier to cloud services is people

Moheb Moses is a business consutant to the technology industry.

Writing in his blog this week he identifies some of the key differences between cloud solutions and other technologies. Of course, he is writing about the way that cloud services are sold, but it is very instructive for those of us using them.

He identifies the reasons why … Read more.

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New schedule for Entrepreneur meetup

Brisbane entrepreneurs have the opportunity to get together once a fortnight for an informal networking event as part of the global MeetUp program.

The next Entrepreneur Meetup is at 6pm on Wednesday 16th April in the city. The MeetUp system requires you to register before you can see the location of the event. Westender can reveal that … Read more.

Snelleksz at SW Chamber

You deserve success: Snelleksz

Members of the South West Chamber of Commerce got a big pat on the back at breakfast on Thursday when Matthew Snelleksz reminded us all of the number of things we put on the line to be in business. “You deserve to work less, go home early, make your families happy and retire wealthy, because you have … Read more.

Blue economy to redefine green business

Blue economy to redefine green business

Proponents of the Blue economy believe that we need to do more than add sustainability frameworks onto building codes. David Bragg writes that the concept of ‘green’ design should be all inclusive. It is meant to incorporate all the actions and things that it takes to live on this blue planet sustainably.  … Read more.

Returning to work after pregnancy not so easy

Returning to work after pregnancy
is not so easy

The Australian Human Rights Commission has released its Headline Prevalence Data for its National Review, entitled Supporting Working Parents: Pregnancy and Return to Work National Review.

The Review included an Australia-wide national consultation process and two national surveys, which Australia is one of the few countries to  …Read more.

THe ISO 14001 logo revitalised

Changes to workplace standards explained

Businesses need to get their heads around the changes to the international environemental standards coming into force next year. As an international standard this is not going to change as part of the Federal Government's deregulation program so it is important to understand whatthe changes mean for you. The world’s most popular environmental management system standard, ISO 14001 is being …

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Celebrating the Greek

Next month is Paniyiri and West End will be invaded by over 50,000 visitors celebrating everything Greek

Westender will be working with all the Greek businesses in the area to ensure that the focus goes beyond Musgrave Park and that the entire community benefits.

Let us know how your business will be celebrating Paniyiri and what we can do to help you make the most of this unique event.