Theatre Anywhere rolls on

Brisbane's annual smorgasboard of theatre is on the way with the first announcements about the myriad of theatre events taking place next month beginning to appear.

As well as these creative, cutting edge performances tucked away in unlikely locations the Brisbane City Council and corporate Arts community is out in force taking full advantage of the range of performance and public spaces in 4101.

Whether you are trying to entertain the relatives from Milwaukee or tickle your hipster curiosity, 4101 has plenty to offer.

'We are at our best when we show compassion to the oppressed’.

We're at our best when we care for the oppressed

During Lent I have joined some dear friends to lament Australia’s treatment of Asylum Seekers. I have prayed to find a way to encourage my fellow Aussies to re-discover our compassion. As I prayed I got this weird kind of idea about walking to the capital of our country, to appeal to the heart of the nation. And when I … Read more.

war horse poster

Anzac events at Southbank

With the country commemorating the Anzac Centenary between 2014 and 2018, Friday 25 April will mark one of the most important national occasions on our calendars this year. At South Bank, we are honouring this day with a week of free family-friendly events in the parklands. Film screenings at Rainforest Green Free movie screenings will be held nightly at Rainforest …

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Wild Law book launched at Avid Reader

Wild Law book launched at Avid Reader

The big names in Brisbane's environmental movement rolled up to Avid Reader last night to launch a new book Wild Law in Practice.

Editor of the tome and National Convenor of Australian Earth Laws Alliance (ALEA) Michelle Maloney was joined by Emeritus Professor Ian Lowe and others. The thronging masses … Read more.

Shane Pike in Bloke

Bloke comes to Blackwall

Four blokes, four beers, one hour and one actor. This honest and darkly funny tale will introduce you to four mates who meet at the same bar at the same time every year. But this year, it’s different ….

Not just for the blokes, this smart and witty play explores masculinity, mateship, sexuality and relationships. Ultimately it is a man’s 21st century … Read more.

FlyeL a theatre project

Catch the Fly: Anwhere Theatre

  Theatre has the power to explore the heightened edges of life, and it is through using this power that change can happen. We will draw from aspects of performance art including (but not limited to) physical theatre, realism and music. Something needs to be done about the taboo nature of mental illness. As a society, we don't talk about mental illness …

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Hot! Hot! Hot! Jump Up Party coming soon

Hot! Hot! Hot! Jump Up Party coming soon

Cool Man-The excitement is building as preparations are made for the annual JUMP UP Party to be held in West End on 31st May 2014. In it's fourth year at the South Leagues Club, Davies Park, and the Jump Up Party means only one thing - big party time, Caribbean style. Trinidadian entertainer Alvin Rostant has banded together with his … Read more.

British pounds

Guardian challenges basis of banking

An article in the Guardian last month is doing the rounds because of the implications for the role of governments and the banks. The article starts with a 1030's quote from Henry Ford, that it was a good thing that most Americans didn't know how banking really works, because if they did, "there'd be a revolution before tomorrow morning". The Bank of England last week revealed … Read more.

Is this the revolution?

When the iron curtain and the Berlin wall fell, there was no great battle, there was simply a challenge from the people that the state could no longer meet. In Czechoslovakia it was described as the velvet revolution because of this quiet switch from one mode to another. 

Each week we get more articles across our desk indicating that the population is on the move. Fewer people believe the nonsense that has been stuffed down our throats and are happy to have an honest and fearless source of news such as the Westender. 

We hope we can meet the challenge.