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Bertie bets against levy!

She's gutsy, she's audacious and she calls it as she sees it. Roberta McWhirter's call that the petrol levy will not be increased in this budget might be a scoop or a piece of poop. Read on and find out. 

We also look at the guarantees you make under the consumer law, some local business events and more.

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What's in a warranty?

What's in a warranty?

Business Queensland warns business owners to be sure they understand their obligations under the consumer laws. The key message is that you need to understand the nine guarantees you make just by selling a good to a consumer. Business to business services are not exempt either. contains a range of resources on guarantees and warranties and the implications for small … Read more.

The petrol levy will not increase

The petrol levy will not increase

Okay. Alright already. Just ‘cos I correctly predicted the result of the Griffith by-election does not make me a seer. 

DJ Greyboy’s French Bulldog would have predicted that result without putting her snout over the pink-ribboned lip of her bling-lined basket.

But. I know human behaviour and I can recognise a bunch of old ,white men having a bit of fun with … Read more.

Suzy Butterworth

A gold mine in lost superannuation

Residents living in postcodes within two kilometres of West End have over a quarter of a billion dollars in lost superannuation according to Suzy Butterworth, Branch Principal and Wealth Manager at Yellow Brick Road West End. “That is an incredible amount of unclaimed money sloshing around in the system that Australians should take back,” she said. Yellow Brick Road commissioned … Read more.

town hall workshop

Free sales and marketing workshop tomorrow

FREE Sales and Marketing: Business Growth Workshop for Entrepreneurs! • Are you putting countless hours into your business but feel like it’s just stuck in 2nd gear? • Do you want more qualified leads for your business while spending less money on marketing? • Is your long-term goal to build a business that you can sell for millions of dollars?  The good news … Read more.

Office building goes solar

Office building goes solar

Photon Energy Australia, a subsidiary of global solar power solutions and services company Photon Energy, has recently completed the construction of a large solar power system for a major office building in Sydney’s Central Business District (CBD).

The 283 kWp power plant has been commissioned and is up and running. The solar power plant supplements the building’s main daytime energy … Read more.

Karen McLeod

Investors desert fossil fuels for greener pastures

Fossil fuel free portfolio for ethical investors Have you heard about the National Divestment Day which will be held on Saturday 3rd May? If you are concerned about precious environmental areas like the Great Barrier Reef, not to mention our land, and water resources, then you may like to get involved. In the last 8 months, the campaign has asked … Read more.

Old woman carries heavy load on modern street

Worked till death

If everything goes according to plan, as far as the government is concerned, Australia might end up with the highest retirement age in the world. The suggested retirement age is 70, surpassing countries such as Greece, Iceland, Israel and Norway with their retirement age set at 67. While in Sweden retirement age is set at 61, but if you feel … Read more.

Why the rush on Cultural Precinct Master Plan?

Why the rush on Cultural Precinct Master Plan?

Labor Member for South Brisbane and Shadow Arts Minister, Jackie Trad, is calling on the Newman Government to extend the public consultation period for the Cultural Precinct Master Plan after receiving concerns from local residents. “The Newman Government’s 20 year Cultural Precinct Master Plan released on Monday represents significant change to the physicality of Queensland’s Cultural Precinct including the loss … Read more.

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