Congratulations and thank you

The first Westender LIVE section went to press on Thursday May 1, and was on the streets of West the very next day. We're very pleased to report that we've had good reports and positive reviews from readers.  

We believe that we've made a good business decision by highlighting the live and happening scene around West End. At yesterday's editorial review meeting a number of positive elements regarding the new section were discussed. For this section to build we will continue to work closely with you as advertisers and as the venues that bring the music, cabaret, poetry, performances, DJs, bands and musicians.

There are just a couple of tips for the future.

To get into the regular publication schedule of the newspaper we need to confirm advertising slots and advertisers before publication. That also means billing before publication deadline. Its the best way to give us room to confirm the number of advertisers and to make sure we've room for everyone. Please keep this in mind - you guarantee your slot by paying up-front.

Second, for the content to be relevant to our audience and readers please give some thought to which gigs/events you think deserve promotion. With 50,000 living and working in 4101 there is real scope to share with people some of the wonderful events that you host and support.

Please take time to make sure your accounts people have all the details they require for payment. 

Name: Urban Voice Pty Ltd
ABN: 15 163 798 945
BSB: 633000
Account: 149477341

yours sincerely

Geoff Ebbs