See theatre & win dinner

Westender and Three Monkeys are offering you the opportunity to win dinner for two, just by going to the theatre and writing a review.

The Anywhere Theatre festival is only on until Sunday and there are only three prizes, so pull out the finger. Please let us know of your intentions so we can avoid double up disappointment. 

Readers who won tickets to Kone Express last week were very happy indeed. See review below.

Less happy are thre residents catching up with the government's plan for the area. Check that out in detail as those plans are huge.

girl with pets

West End to trial radical graffiti management plan

A divided West End Traders Association (WETA) last night designed a two pronged strategy to manage graffiti. On one hand the strategy will embrace and promote street art on the other it will vigorously police the defacement of commissioned art and no paint zones that property owners want to keep pristine. The strategy was developed following a presentation by  … Read more.

The Bentley Blockade on April 14, 2014.

Battle of Bentley blockade goes to the tribe

The critical battle between protectors of the land and miners at Bentley in NSW has been won, by the protestors. I sat down to write an early morning story exhorting all good humans (you) to come to the aid of the nation’s land and water at the Bentley Blockade next Monday. As the computer warmed up, news filtered through that … Read more.

Nurses: A vital resource for health

Nurses: A vital resource for health

On May 12, International Nurses Day is celebrated around the world in recognition of the significant contribution nurses make to the health of society.

In Brisbane’s south, three dedicated nurses are providing health care to the most vulnerable in our society, people who are homeless.

St Vincent’s Private Hospital Brisbane (SVPHB), along with Micah Projects and Mater Health Services, provide … Read more.

Helen has fought tirelessly for local issues

Why the rush on Cultural Precinct Master Plan?

Labor Member for South Brisbane and Shadow Arts Minister, Jackie Trad, is calling on the Newman Government to extend the public consultation period for the Cultural Precinct Master Plan after receiving concerns from local residents.

“The Newman Government’s 20 year Cultural Precinct Master Plan released on Monday represents significant change to the physicality of Queensland’s Cultural Precinct including the loss … Read more.

Kurilpa Peninsula Local Legends 2014 Awards

Kurilpa Peninsula Local Legends 2014 Awards

For a relative newcomer to the West End, such as myself, the Kurilpa Peninsula Local Legends awards night held at Archive Beer Boutique on Saturday, May 10, could not have been a better introduction to the people and the spirit of the community. This was the second of the Local Legends events hosted by the Gabba Ward’s Councillor Helen Abrahams. … Read more.

Indulge a little

Vast Interiors at 200 Montague Rd, West End have just received a new container of furniture and are marking down a few bits and pieces to make room.

I snapped this yummy, summery cushion (one of a pair) on the way down Montague St this afternoon. If they take your fancy the way they took mine and $32.50 a cushion is a price you can afford, get yourself down to 200 Montague Rd. That's towards the city from Vulture St.

Do Westender a favour and tell them we sent you.

Bassidi Kone at the Balaphon

Kone Express takes the roof off BEMAC

The theatre space at Queensland Multicultural Centre, BEMAC, took off last night as the Kone Express left the station with two thirds of the audience on the dance floor, glowing and grinning in sheer delight at the exuberance of the performance. Bassidi Kone is a young man from Mali, who travels the world but manages to maintain an Australian outfit … Read more.

Get the detail on YBR's super offer

Thrift paradox costs
Bertie budget bet

Psychic's don't win the lottery so I should have known better.

I like risk though, so I bet against the petrol levy.  I hope none of you went out and put the farm on SportsBet. "Too bad, so sad" I say, I lost the farm shortly after I lost the plot.

The budget outcome confirms one thing, ably captured by First … Read more.

Australia’s quirkiest animal rescue calls

Australia’s quirkiest animal rescue calls

The RSPCA has released a compilation of its quirkiest animal cruelty call-outs. Responding to everything from highly distressed individuals reporting cruelty towards statues, having mistaken them for a dog, or reports of crocodiles appearing in suburban backyards, RSPCA Inspectors take every job very seriously, but sometimes all is not as it seems. The RSPCA’s TOP TEN quirky animal cruelty call …  Read more.

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