Trees, graffiti & theatre

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As last week's eNews went to the wire(less) the story of West End's innovative approach to graffiti broke. Not all of you will have seen it, so check it out online. 

The high farce around council's position on graffiti is reflected in this week's story around the tree that disappeared from 108 Boundary Street. <Below>

The Anywhere Festival is behind us and over forty casts and crews recover from a fortnight of frenetic production. Our reviewers have been busy and you can find out more about what they saw below and on our website. Next stop the Brisbane Festival. Stay tuned for our covereage of that important, local, cultural event.

Suncorp with trees

The mystery of the missing tree

Confusion reigns as different departments of the Brisbane City Council coordinate their response to community concerns over the disappearance of the tree outside Suncorp at 108 Boundary St West End. The tree appears to have been removed by Council on the authority of one Andrew Zanyai because of traffic concerns and that there is no intention of replanting another tree to … Read more.

How do you like them ‘free’ apples?

How do you like them ‘free’ apples?

The Brisbane Produce Market ‘How do you like them apples’ scratch and win campaign kicked off on Saturday 17 May with participating greengrocers across South East Queensland. Customers who shop at their participating local greengrocer in May and June could win $1,000 worth of fruit and vegetables along with instant prizes, like a bag of free apples or $5 off …

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Suzy Butterworth - YBR Westend

Suzy saves Paul’s super

Beware online services offering to find lost super, says local man, Paul Judd. “I got an email offering to find lost super, pressed the button and ‘BOOM’ my super disappeared,” he told Westender.

Of course, the super was there somewhere, it just took a bit of a journey to find it, and along the way Paul discovered some of the … Read more.

Drawing a line on sexual harassment

Drawing a line on sexual harassment

The Australian Human Rights Commission, the Australian Council of Trade Unions and the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry have jointly launched the ‘Know Where the Line Is’ awareness strategy intended to run in workplaces around the country to help workers and employers recognise sexual harassment and know how to take action.

Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Elizabeth Broderick, said the ‘Know … Read more.

Savage cuts to green groups

Savage cuts to green groups

This week the federal government launched yet another attack on the environment through the budget - including the complete removal of Queensland Conservation’s federal government funding.

This mean-spirited budget has singled out small community and environment organisations. Almost $5 million in grants to community organisations will end from July 2014, including $1.3 million to over 150 environment organisation across … Read more.

we are all ghosts

Three gems from Anywhere Fest 

“WE ARE ALL GHOSTS’ by Josh Donellan The beauty of the Anywhere Theatre Festival is that every production is unique in its choice of venue and frequently that choice plays out in a powerful and significant way. ‘We are all ghosts’ is no exception. Set in a 19th street in the ambling hills of inner city Paddington, the stage is set for an … Read more.

Artists celebrate David Malouf

Artists celebrate David Malouf

Museum of Brisbane has teamed up with David Malouf and five eminent contemporary artists to pay homage to one of Australia’s most treasured authors in his 80th year to create a new exhibition. For David Malouf and friends, artists Bruce Reynolds, Noel McKenna, Karla Marchesi, Anna Carey and Camille Serisier will create works based on Mr Malouf’s quintessentially Australian writings, which the … Read more.

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