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Welcome to a taste of the current (June) issue of Westender. The local issues that have emerged over the last month are all in full flight in this issue, and the online discussion has already started. 

Aldi's claim of community engagement, included below, has been challenged by WECA, and the WETA executive has distanced itself publicly from the proposal floated by its members at the May meeting. Controversy continues to rage over Council's plan to put 20,000 new residents into 4101 with a wall of apartment blocks so that Mount Cootha is only visible from a handful of locations in Southbank.

A G20 March n Brisbane

Alternative G20 summits proposed

Given that police are going to crack down hard on any protesters who do not register as Issue Motivated Groups and sit meekly on the side-lines with police approved signs, a number of groups have emerged to support the notion of an alternative summit.

The idea was floated at Jaegera Hall in January and developed further in the lead up … Read more.

June's Parade of Planets

June's Parade of Planets

It gets dark early in Australia now and the nights are pretty cool, so you’re going to need a blanket, a pillow or two, your binoculars and perhaps a warm coffee while you stargaze.

On a clear night depending on your age and your eyesight, you can see anywhere up to about 1,500 to 2, 000 stars. Introduce city lights … Read more.

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Stadium Stomp to raise money and fitness

The ultimate stair climb challenge, Stadium Stomp GABBA presented by, will be held for the first time at the GABBA on Sunday 22 June, 2014.

Stadium Stomp GABBA presents a unique fitness challenge. It is not a competition or a race, but a personal test of stamina and concentration.

Taking stair climbing and endurance events to a whole new … Read more.

Aldi wants community engagement

Aldi wants community engagement

Given the wide-spread concerns about the development of Montague Road, the Draft City Plan and the lack of community engagement, Westender gave Aldi the opportunity to discuss in detail its engagement with community and plans for its site, now under construction. They have provided the following.

ALDI Australia is eager to bring the ALDI difference to West End and provide local … Read more.

WECA tree proposal

Council justifies vanishing tree

Westender publishes the following official council response to the tree disappearance at 108 Boundary St, West End

Environment, Parks and Sustainability Chairman Matthew Bourke said based on a request from one of the property owners, an arborist had assessed the tree earlier this year and recommended that  … Read more.

Terri Butler talks

Terri Butler talks

Following a hard fought by-election campaign, dominated by claims and counter claims about a Medicare Co-payment, Terri Butler was elected Member for Griffith on February 8, 2014.

While her Liberal National Party opponent Dr Bill Glasson (thereafter nicknamed, ‘$6Bill’) seemed to initially support the co-payment, he backed away from that position during the course of the campaign, and senior government members, including Julie … Read more.

Samuel in Babadook

Apprehending depression

The week began and ended with depression. Since the depression belonged to someone else, was intelligently analysed and beautifully presented, I was elated, uplifted and educated.

Friday May 16, as my Anywhere festival treat, I went to see Fly: A theatre project in Padstow Rd, Macgregor. A layered journey into the mind of a depressed young woman, exposing the misapprehensions, … Read more.

Street art in West End

Street art in West End

The following images of street art were provided by Jan Bowman and shot in and around West End

The question is how do we curate the canvas that is the buildings of our community for the greatest visual benefit.

These images have been posted by Westenders keen to highlight the positive impact of Street Art on community. There are some local ones and another set of relevant or inspiring images from overseas.  ... See the gallery.

West End street art

WETA gets hot over graffiti ideas

After the WETA meeting held on 14th May, 2014 at which a representative from the Brisbane City Council was present, a communication was sent out advising that a consensus was reached regarding the Graffiti-Street Art in the West End area and it was being investigated to see where this could be introduced to West End. We would like to advise … Read more.

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