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Pareto principle 80% right

The 80/20 rule is something we know to be generally true. 20 percent of your customers produce about 80% of your revenue. The trick is how to apply this to your business. 

This week's Business Voice also looks at cloud computing for small business, how to delegate effectively and a run of worthwhile events coming up - including Small Business Week in September. Be ready!

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Helping small businesses head for the clouds

Helping small business head
for the clouds

The Australian Government has released a series of guides aimed at helping small businesses adopt and use cloud computing services with confidence. Cloud computing is the term commonly used to describe the delivery of an ICT service over the Internet, on demand. Cloud computing is already proving to be revolutionary for small businesses, as it significantly lowers cost barriers to … Read more.

Suzy Butterworth - YBR Westend

Rolling super may lose insurance

Westender's recent story about Paul Judd recovering his lost super had a twist in the tail. His insurance policy disappeared while when his superannuation was rolled and it took a bit of juggling to get himself properly covered again. Branch Manager of Yellow Brick Road West End, Suzy Butterworth explained that insurance is one of the most sensitive … Read more.

Have you got all your super?

Applying the Pareto principle

In 1906, Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto created a mathematical formula to describe the unequal distribution of wealth in his country. He had observed that 80 percent of the property in Italy was owned by 20 percent of the people.

It was Quality Management Pioneer Dr Joseph Juran however who suggested the principle within …

Read more.

Colin Shaw from Beyond Philosophy

Managing change through delegation

Building on last week's challenge set by Matthew Snelleksz to delegate tasks, Westender's Business Voice followed up by looking at some of the challenges we face when delegating.

This article from Beyond Philosophy's Colin Shaw, generated some animated discussion about how to create an environment where staff meet challenges on their own without coming back to the boss all the … Read more.

Small business week stats

Gear up for Small Business Week

Business Queensland encourages you to start thinking now about how you are going to best benefit from the free and low-cost events during the 2014 Queensland Small Business Week from 1-6 September. The stats from the 2013 event, say it all. Get involved in Small Business Week to help your business become more … Read more.

Andrew Chamberlin

SW Chamber talks green at golf club

Despite the national treasurer’s discomfort with wind turbine’s many businesses are experiencing first-hand the bottom line advantages of thinking green. As the Bendigo Bank writes on its Green Generation pages, “Business owners are recognizing that as the cost of energy, water and other limited resources rise, the value of best practice efficiency increases, thus speeding our transition to a sustainable … Read more.

Luke Shavak

Two entrepreneur meetups this month

Brisbane entrepreneurs have the opportunity to get together once a fortnight for an informal networking event as part of the global MeetUp program. The next Entrepreneur Meetup is at 6pm on Wednesday 11th June in the city. The MeetUp system requires you to register before you can see the location of the event. Westender can reveal that it … Read more.

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