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Westenders active despite winter chill

Whether its health, politics or the Yarts, a bit of a brisk breeze won't stop your average Westender from getting out and enjoying the local scene.

Unfortunately some things are disappearing from our streets. Notably, the Joynt has announced it's closing its doors. Local lad Karl S Williams has fittingly signed a significant deal with Warner Bros and will play his last gig there Real Soon Now.

Less surprisingly, West End's last video store closes its door this month. Video may not have killed the radio star, but the internet sure killed the video. Get the best of the 'net in print ... find out more at the bottom of this newsletter.


How much Yoga is too much?

How much Yoga is too much?

Local lovers of Yoga – and there’s an awful lot of them wandering the streets of West End – will be heading over to Bowen Hills next month to take part in YogaFest, Australia’s largest Yoga Festival now in its 8th year.

According to Festival organiser, Jonathan Murphy, YogaFest just keeps getting bigger and bigger, with this year’s event featuring … Read more.

Rally fights for public parks in the West End

Rally fights for public parks in the West End

Over 100 local Westenders attended a Fight for Public Parks rally in Davies Park on Saturday June 7. Addressing the rally were Gabba Ward Councillor Helen Abrahams, West End Community Association President, Dr Erin Evans, Federal Member for Griffith, Ms Terri Butler, and Adjunct Associate Professor Phil Heywood.

I caught up with Cr Abrahams before the rally and asked her … Read more.

Shadowland live

Shadowlands transcends theatre

Truly exquisite. Fans of the illustrated novel and cartoon love the imaginative freedom of the line to draw anything the mind can imagine. Imagine, then, that a group of dancers decide to use their bodies as ink and the freedom of perspective provided by light and shadow to free that ink from the constraints of size and gravity. These eight dancers, … Read more.

Help UQ help you

Kone Express back in June

The theatre space at Queensland Multicultural Centre, BEMAC, took off last month as the Kone Express left the station with two thirds of the audience on the dance floor, glowing and grinning in sheer delight at the exuberance of the performance. 

Bassidi Kone is at Kurilpa Hall this month. A young man from Mali, who travels the world but manages to maintain an Australian outfit … Read more.

Aged care fee shambles?

Aged care fee shambles?

CPSA points out contradictions in Government’s new means test “From 1 July 2014, aged care fees will change, but with just four weeks to go, the Department of Social Services and the My Aged Care helpline have failed to address a major anomaly in the aged care means test”, said Charmaine Crowe, Senior Advisor, Research & Advocacy. “In the Government’s … Read more.

Peer to Peer lending taking on the banks

Peer to Peer lending taking on the banks

Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending, the global phenomenon that enables people to bypass the banks and borrow online directly from each other, is taking off in Australia thanks to SocietyOne. Australia’s only P2P lending platform, SocietyOne today announced the expansion of its plans to help more Australians save on personal credit, starting with a new personal loan rate for prime borrowers that’s … Read more.

West End Chemists

Money can’t buy love – or friendship

Baby boomers rate companionship higher than government assistance, says Red Cross.

A survey of more than a thousand Australians has shown that baby boomers are our first generation to rate companionship higher than government assistance.

According to a recent survey by Red Cross, baby boomers not only expect to live longer, but they plan to live in their own homes … Read more.

Seasonal Skygazing

Seasonal Skygazing

Ever wondered, why is it hotter in summer and colder in winter? Does the Sun move further away this time of year? No, the Sun doesn’t move, it’s us that changes position.

Now, this once seemed to make sense because the Earth is furthest from the Sun in the middle of the Aussie winter but in fact our temperature is … Read more.

Suzy Butterworth - YBR Westend

Rolling super may lose insurance

Westender's recent story about Paul Judd recovering his lost super had a twist in the tail. His insurance policy disappeared while when his superannuation was rolled and it took a bit of juggling to get himself properly covered again.

Branch Manager of Yellow Brick Road West End, Suzy Butterworth explained that insurance is one of the most sensitive areas around … Read more.

Sunday Assembly - ‘live better, help often, and wonder more’

Sunday Assembly - 'live better, help often, wonder more’

Church is about God isn’t it? Or so I thought until a few weeks ago when I first attended the Brisbane Sunday Assembly. I’d read a little of Alain De Botton’s 2013 book “Religion for Atheists: A Non-believer's Guide to the Uses of Religion”, but still wondered what a god-free ‘church’ would be like, and why you would want … Read more.

A G20 March n Brisbane

Alternative G20 summits proposed

Given that police are going to crack down hard on any protesters who do not register as Issue Motivated Groups and sit meekly on the side-lines with police approved signs, a number of groups have emerged to support the notion of an alternative summit. The idea was floated at Jaegera Hall in January and developed further in the lead up … Read more.

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