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Aldi opens its doors today. The Joynt closed on the weekend, Civic Video closed last month. Joe Hurley has left the Community House after 18 years. (see stories below)

We are entering a new era for West End.

The tripling of the population in 4101 does not simply mean you will get more business. In many cases you will get new, well-heeled competitors with parking and transport infrastructure that has been sorely lacking in the past. It is possible that a new suburb along the riverside will emerge that has nothing to do with the West End we know and love.

Clearly the new era will have winners and losers. Westender's Business Voice is here to help you ensure you are among the winners.

VM+ shop window

If you look good, you sell more

We all pay good rent, don’t we? Some of us much more than others. We value our position, our store front in the street or mall and see it as a good return on investment – that money we put into “rent”.

Why then do we as retailers neglect to value the frontage of our store? Why do we … Read more.

Aldi's West End store

Aldi opens its doors today

Aldi’s 337th  Australian store opens in Montague Rd West End today. The supermarket chain specialises in providing a limited range of goods at prices well below that of traditional supermarkets.

The company is busy emphasising the positives which it bills as a ‘smarter shopping experience’. Fundamentally, the benefits to the community boil down to  … Read more.

payroll savings poster

Focus on payroll

A series of free webinars run by Business Queensland will be run across July to help you get your payroll right, and submitted to the Australian Tax Office on time.

Running on the 3rd, 9th, 14th and 15th July the one and a half hour webinar is designed to teach you how to prepare for the 2014 payroll … Read more.

Professor Paul Steffens

Entrepreneurship and innovation

We all know that innovation is the one sustainable way to build business growth. Competing on price, exploiting staff or resources and cutting corners might gain you short term advantage, but inevitably lead to decline. Associate Professor of Management at QUT Business School, Professor Paul Steffens, is the guest speaker at the SW Chamber breakfast next Thur 10th July. Head on down to … Read more.

Australian Internet Book

Survive disintermediation

Many business models have suffered from change at the hands of the internet. Bookstores, travel agents, newspapers like this one as well as video and record stores.

In some cases the money has moved offshore to international corporates like Amazon. In other cases, though, the Internet has allowed small businesses to punch well above their weight. Bookstores that specialise in … Read more.

Check what Yellow Brick Road can do for you

Get a grip on the pension rules

Westender readers are well aware of the changes to the pension brought in during the last budget.

Since the mid 1980’s governments have been alarmed by our slowing population growth, the increasing number of people seeking a pension (Baby Boomer bulge), and a dwindling tax base to pay for it all.

No solution is easy or ideal and most solutions … Read more.

Regional flavours crowd

Promoting your business at Regional Flavours

Businesses in 4101 are both blessed and cursed by the major events that take place in our midst. While these events bring thousands of people into the postcode, they do not always have a positive impact on our business.

If they drag people off the street and away from the existing shopping precincts and do not promote the area generally … Read more.

Your will

Help UQ help
you with a will

None of us really want to think about dying, so it may not surprise you that over 40 percent of Aussies die without making a will.

Of course, squabbling over the family home is hardly an edifying experience and so a bunch of researchers at University of Queensland have set out to explore our attitudes to laying down … Read more.

Civic Video - End of an era

Civic Video - End of an era

Civic Video has provided the West End community with home entertainment for more than eight years — the last video rental store in West End will sadly be closing its doors. Craig and Paula Sheehan opened Civic Video September 2006 in West End. In mid–2014 Civic Video lost the fight with Internet technology. Craig Sheehan tells the Westender … Read more.

Mojo Juju and Frank Sultana

The Passing of the Joynt

The Joynt went off over the weekend with a three day party to say goodbye to West End. Friday night merged into Saturday night with the Grimm Brothers, Frank Sultana and Mojo Juju on stage in the evenings and in the jacuzzi for much of the time in-between. All performers spoke eloquently about the role that Jodi Craig has played … Read more.

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