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AGMs among Spring's joys

As Westender prepares to put the August edition to bed our staff have good reason to look a little ahead in the diary. With the financial reporting season in full flurry the next pattern to emerge is the AGM.

If you have a hankering to be secretary of the local tennis club, or tackle the accounts of the local chamber of commerce, now might be the time to start lobbying.

Of course West End has a flood of festivals around the corner, Fringe Festival this month, Small Business Week and the Brisbane Festival in September, West End Festival in October and the G20 in November.

Hang on. It is going to be an exciting ride. 

Stripe apps

Australian businesses can now Stripe online

Today Stripe announced its global payments platform is open for business in Australia. Australian merchants can now create a Stripe account in minutes and instantly begin accepting payments in more than 100 different currencies, receiving deposits in Australian dollars in their  … Read more.

Light rail stops in Boundary Street

Light rail stops in Boundary Street

The Boundary Street Markets received a fascinating new addition last Friday, with the delivery of a massive Motor Rail, to add a touch of rustic glamour to the markets.

The 10 ton Silver Bullet motor rail carriage was transported to West End on the back of a trailer, and then installed in place with the help of … Read more.

Renter’s market?

Renter’s market?

Rumblings have reached the Westender that the tenant is getting the upper hand in the commercial and apartment market in 4101 at the moment.

Rob Honeycombe from Bees Nees is on record as saying that the number of apartments coming on line in the next couple of months are likely to see a bit of a sag in rental prices. Jody from CBD is flogging off spaces in Sth Brisbane under the headline Cheap Rent … Read more.

Fiar Work website

PayCheck app pleases bosses and workers

The Fair Work Ombudsman website has attracted more than 650,000 visitors since it was revamped last month. And more than 3000 users have already registered to set up their own personalised accounts. The website allows users to create their own account using MyAccount and save information tailored to their workplace. Fair Work Ombudsman Natalie James says that business  … Read more.

fraud image

Tax scams max at tax time

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and Australian Taxation Office (ATO) are warning consumers and businesses to watch out for scammers hiding behind tax time to target you.

“Scammers will go to great lengths to slip under your radar and steal your money, including impersonating ATO representatives on the phone, sending fraudulent emails and even creating bogus  … Read more.

See what Yellow Brick Road can do

Host a Small Business Event

Business Queensland encourages you to start thinking now about how you are going to best benefit from the free and low-cost events during the 2014 Queensland Small Business Week from 1-6 September.

if you are interested in hosting a Small Busines Week Event the department will help you promote it through their networks. The stats from the 2013 event, say it all. Get involved in Small Business Week to help your business become more productive, sustainable and resilient. … Read more.

You too can make it in the music industry

You too can make it in the music scene

There is no point denying it. We humans love music. So much that if you play your cards right you can earn enough to make it your sole income. But, that takes a lot of hard work to accomplish.

Which is why Little BIGSOUND was started in 2011. It provides a forum for young music lovers to learn from those … Read more.

cafe dining

Design rules take 20 days to check

While developers have been getting a dream run through council many food businesses have found themselves the subject of increased scrutiny.

Westender has run into more than one cafe owner who has recentlly had a call regarding the design assessment under the Food Act 2006.

While the new city plan does not alter the criteria for the design assessment it …Read more.

Check out the next breakfast with benefits

Readers respond quickly to eNews

With over 13,500 unique visitors to the Westender website each month, downloading over 400,000 pages and 10,000 copies of the print magazine in reader's hands, we get a reasonable handle on how readers respond.

There is no doubt, they respond more to push media, like this eNews, facebook and twitter more than anything else.

It seems, though, they tend to remember and believe what they read in print. The publisher of Westender, Urban Voice, works with its clients to design the best mix of online and on paper messaging so you get you the results you need. Find out more about our Content Marketing services.