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Prices up, sales down. Where is that boom?

With West End's population set to grow from 11,000 to 37,500 and cranes across the horizon many of us have been rubbing our hands together in anticipation.

Brisbane's business tigers are embraceing the boom. The boom is not even, though. Many of us push everyday against a number of barriers. This issue of the Business Voice eNews ends with an analysis of why the real estate market for one is on hold.

It also covers some departures, some worries, some great growth stories and rent gouging on Stanley St.

Lord Mayor Quirk

Stanley Street faces rent hike

Restauranters and cafe owners in Southbank have been wallopped with a 30 per cent increase in rent courtesy of State Government.

The State recently took over the operations of Southbank Corporation claiming cost efficiency as a major driver. Southbank Corporation is the landlord for the restaurants along Grey and Little Stanley as well as those  … Read more.

Richard Webb

So long and thanks for all the fish

Local advocate of ethical food, Richard Webb of Swamp Dog, is calling it a day.

Onwer and entrepreneur, Webb has worked with many chefs in 4101 to heighten their awareness of the variety of local fish and the various ways to cook them.

In the chef’s own words: “In the last 3 years at Swampdog we’ve introduced thousands … Read more.

Check the Bees Nees blog

Online real-estate wars heat up

The real estate sector is hitting back at the two major players in the online real estate market, and domain.

Competition has emerged in two separate announcements this week, from the Real Estate Institute of Queensland and the Certified Practicing Real Estate Agents.

Touting and Roomeo respectively, the two organisations are clearly out to break the duopoly. Owned by … Read more.

snarling tiger cub

Business tigers set for take-off

Tigers may be rare in Australia, but there are a growing number in Queensland…small business tigers that is.

Minister for Small Business, Jann Stuckey, said ‘small business tigers’ were those small operations that expected to see their revenue grow substantially over the next 12 months. “Research shows that Queensland has  … Read more.

Worker sitting

Is sitting the new smoking?

This was actually suggested in a journal article two years ago. (Television viewing time and reduced life expectancy BJSM 2012 Vol 46)

While I disagree that constant sitting has the same type of detrimental health effects as smoking, more and more research indicates that sitting and inactivity contributes just as much to the public health cost as smoking – seriously! The implications for you as business  … Read more.

Go straight to the source

Customised Hi-vis and safety gear available here

Local office supply company Howard Williams has just taken shipment of a new range of safety work wear that includes a range of fire retardant, light weight cotton clothing for use in the food industry.

Other stand out products include stock printed vests with popular names such as visitor, staff, traffic controller and first aid. Howard Williams’ Greg Heath told … Read more.

Capital investment constrains BioSolar

Capital investment constrains BioSolar

Young Entrepreneur of the year, Leigh Storr, is pleased to be in the fastest growing sector of the fastest growing industry. “The only constraint on our growth, right now, is a lack of investment capital,” he told Westender. “In America investors would be throwing money at a company like BioSolar, in Australia, the financial institutions see rapid growth and … Read more.

West End house

Prices are up – Sales are down!

Given the positive comments in the media and the strength of the property market, it is incredible to believe that house sales are down by 45% in West End for the first 6 months of 2014 in comparison to the same period last year. Using a 10 year average for this period of the year, the numbers of houses sold …

Read more.

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