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War just friendly joust

Geoff Baldwin, chairman of the CPREA comments on last week's story about online real estate wars, Roomeo and the REIQ - see below.

Also online: more payment options emerge as do new tools to give punters what they want - nearby and NOW! - Bit Coin and ONDI stories.

Local chambers limber up for Small Business Week as Minister Jann Stuckey tells Business Voice what' the opportunities are. Plus, big advances for local success story Biosolar and the latest on technology.


Capital is the growth constraint for BioSolar

Young Entrepreneur of the year, Leigh Storr, is pleased to be in the fastest growing sector of the fastest growing industry.

“The only constraint on our growth, right now, is a lack of investment capital,” he told Westender.

“In America investors would be throwing money at a company like BioSolar, in Australia, the financial institutions see rapid growth and call … Read more.

Jann Stuckey

Small Business Week is the 1st - 6th of September

Minister for Tourism, Major Events, Small Business and the Commonwealth Games, Jann Stuckey MP will officially launch the 2014 Queensland Small Business Week at a business lunch on Tuesday, 2 September at City Hall. “2014 Queensland Small Business Week is a chance to celebrate the contribution our 403,000 hard-working, small businesses make to the State economy, and remind Queenslanders of …

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Real estate war is simply competition

In response to our piece Online real estate wars heat up CPREA chairman Geoff Baldwin wrote to us to clarify his position. As Chairman of we are certainly not interested in a "war" as such, with REA or anyone. Our focus is on Lifting the professionalism, education and public standing of people in our industry and On providing a national "genuinely" industry …

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Ondi launch

Online business local and mobile

With over 40% of all traffic on the web now being generated by mobile phones and more than half of searches being local, it is critical that retail service providers pitch their online business to customers via mobile.

Recognising the power of this opportunity and the challenge for many small businesses to take advantage of this opportunity, local entrepreneur, Andreja … Read more.

Bitcoin image

BitCoin settles in West End

Bitcoin is promising to be the alternative payment method for retail shopping and online web sites.  Used the World over, Bitcoin is gaining momentum, acceptance and the attention of government regulators. Bitcoin suffers from technical complexity but the savings are enormous. With Bitcoin your money is stored on a plastic debit card which you can access at Bitcoin ATM’s, EFTPOS machines in shops and online shopping web sites …

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On Friday 29 August 2014, Micah Projects will hold its 11th Annual Moonlight Magic Dinner Dance in the Plaza Ballroom at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. The Moonlight Magic Dinner Dance is a community event that provides a night of fun and glamour to the previously homeless, those with mental health issues and disabilities, and those living below the …

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Wearable computing

Wearable computing still misses the point

The day it gets real is the day we throw out our phone writes Geoff Ebbs

Despite headlines such as ‘Riding the Wearable Boom’ and the enthusiastic release of products like Salesforce Wear, ‘a complete eco-system for the enterprise’, the pundits are generally underwhelmed by the latest wave of wearable computing products. More importantly, the ordinary punter – that’s you … Read more.

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