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Packed issue peppered with profit and product pieces

With the growth of the Westender Eats and the sustainable lifestyle section the Generator, Westender has more business stories than ever, spread through out the entire paper.

Our advertisers are telling us it works better this way, with readers responding from the area of their interest. Business to business services will continue to be featured in the business voice branded section of the paper.

Dodgy cable

Dodgy cable product recall underlines false economy

The recall this week of thousands of kilometres of dodgy electrical cable across Australia underines the absolute madness of buying cheap products to save money. Local electrician, business owner and Westender columnist had just written a piece for us called Total Recall, which was rolling off the presses when the recall was announced. The announcement from Fair Trade is available …

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Karen McLeod

Ethical investments perform better

According to a recent industry benchmark report, responsible Australian equities funds have outperformed the ASX 300 index over the last 10 years. They’ve also outperformed the average Australian equities fund in the same period. The same is true for international share funds and multi-sector growth funds. This proves once again that you don’t have to sacrifice returns if you want …

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Get cheap - enjoy food for a few bits of chnage. Go on!

Australia poison for startups

I’ve wanted to write this piece for a while now, after bootstrapping in Australia for over 5 years we’re finally getting traction.

It’s been a long hard slog.

We’ve failed at almost 8 ideas & taken absolutely no funding. Maybe that’s another story – for now, though, I want to talk about how growing a Startup or idea in Australia … Read more.

Marcia's Organics Cafe

Homewares with that? ... at Marcia's Organics

Marcia’s on Montague has spread its wings beyond the wide and wonderful range of homewares, kitchen appliances and decorations for which it is famous. Marcia’s Organics is well established in groceries, herbs, spices and organic fresh food but the cafe that joins the two stores has expanded its coffee and cake offering to serve salads, snacks and meals. With the …

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WorkIT women's workwear

Women's safety gear important OHS consideration

There are dangers to women in the workplace who do not have properly fitted work wear. The US Department of Labor (USDoL) reports that “Poor fit compromises the protection offered by the garment or equipment. The lack of appropriate PPC and PPE can cause serious safety and health risks for women, and men of smaller sizes, who rely on protective …

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What’s your credit score?

With the launch of, Australians are able to get a snapshot of their credit score, empowering them with information to help negotiate better credit terms.

Credit providers such as banks and credit card companies, use credit scores to assess an individual’s credit risk and to mitigate potential losses due to defaults.

Increasingly, credit scores are used to determine who … Read more.

Tunnel borer “springs” back into action

Tunnel borer “springs” back into action

The Westender has received another quirky media release from the Urban Utilities team tunneling their way underneath Mollison Street, outside the Coles supermarket.

Here it is.

This week sees our tunnel borer machine spring back into action as we come out of hibernation and recommence our tunnelling from the ‘garden bed’ in front of 26 & 30 Mollison Street towards … Read more.

SW Chamber

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