We have more important things to discuss!

World famous political activist and ANC Freedom Fighter Tim Jenkin will be in West End tonight to attend a Community Forum, where we'll be discussing ways in which our society can function outside of the money system.

Other speakers will include Karel Boele of People Decide and Alison Bird of Brisbane LETS.

Surely that's more interesting than watching a bunch of grown men beating each other up on a football field.

(The Community Forum is being held at The Loft in Boundary Street, starting at 6.30 pm, so you can always sneak out at 7.30 to watch the game on the big screen in the Archives Sports Bar downstairs, if you have to.)

Hope to see you there!

A world without money?

A world without money?

Tim Jenkin is a South African academic and anti-Apartheid activist who was imprisoned for his support for the ANC in the 70s. After breaking out of prison and claiming political asylum in the UK, Tim helped set up an encrypted communication system to assist the ANC in its struggle for freedom. Tim Jenkin then developed the Community Exchange System, which …Read more.