Don't forget our Meet the Candidates Forum tonight at The Loft!

Well, we have lots of voters coming along tonight but only half the candidates! Matt Darragh from the Australian Liberty Alliance can't make it, Theresa Graham from Family First has decided not to come, Bronwyn Ablett from the Liberal Democrats is thinking about it and the elusive Fiona Ward of the LNP looks like maintaining her perfect record of never once attending one of our candidate forums.

This will be the third occasion Fiona Ward has been nominated for political office locally, has been invited to meet her would-be constituents, and the third time she's been a no-show! It's not too late, Fiona. We'd love to see you there tonight, or at least hear from you.

On a brighter note, we have confirmed acceptances from Karen Anderson of the Greens, Karel Boele of People Decide, Terri Butler the sitting ALP member, and Dr John Jiggens of the Drug Law Reform Australia Party.

Doors open at six and things get under way at six thirty tonight at The Loft, upstairs at 100 Boundary Street West End.

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