Don't miss the boat!

The good ship Westender is now only days away from heading off on its voyage to the printers, before it appears on shop counters, business PO boxes, footpaths, coffee shops, newsagents and other venues across the 4101 postcode, just in time for Christmas.

The first print edition of the Westender in over 18 months is bound to make a big splash on the local scene - we have some great stories and articles, and some hard-hitting commentary of interest to the estimated 70,000 residents, day workers, students and other visitors who frequent this part of Brisbane.

The only thing we don't have is your advertisement - your message to our readers, old and new, as to why they should stick their heads inside your door next time they're walking past.

The Westender has always been a proud supporter and champion of the local small business community, and we'll certainly be encouraging our readers to "Shop Local" and help make the local economy more sustainable.

We know you'd love to be a part of it, and we welcome your participation.

Call me on 0412 029 663 or drop me an email at to find out how it can happen for you.


Kerrod Trott and The Westender Team.