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Meet the candied dates

West End cafe goers regularly see one or more of the federal candidates for Griffith deep in discussion with a constituent, or each other. At least three of them live here and Bill Glasson is a regular at one coffee shop / restaurant.

These brushes with fame, though, do not give you the insight that Westender's Citizen Journalist, Jan Bowman does. You may not have realised, for example, that global warming is really a figment of your imagination probably caused by gays and muslims invading your mind ... wait for it ... through the back door. 

In this issue we introduce the candidates.Founding editor Kerrod Trott also 'fesses up on a latter day conversion. Later this week we will summarise the preferences, outline the various socialist parties and give you the inside personal story from at least one candidate.

Geoff at a refugee rally in King George Square

Greens ready to rule

"Greens are in the electoral process for the long haul"

Republished with permission from No Fibs

Like other minor party candidates, Geoff Ebbs admits it can be very hard for the Greens to get any mainstream media focus, particularly at the local level. This is compounded when ...

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Liam Flenady, Socialist Alliance

Redistribute the wealth

Liam Flenady - Socialist Alliance

Liam Flenady of the Socialist Alliance routinely attends rallies in support of community campaigns such as marriage equality, rights for asylum seekers, single parents and action on climate change. Read online.

JP Davies - West End's chemist

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Churches should pay their way

Churches should pay their way

Anne Reid of the Secular Party is an accountant who works in the Griffith suburb of West End, and lives just outside the electorate in nearby Yeronga.

Anne Reid – Secular Party

Since being out on the campaign trail, she has discovered that ‘secular’ is a ...

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Ink cartridges, printing and more

World's problem is population

A long-term resident of the electorate, Jan McNicol from the Stable Population Party has a wide range of interests in cultural and environmental issues. She said she participated in ‘the noble but failed attempt to protect the Highgate Hill Gully from destruction for high rise in 2002’.  She  watches ‘with horror the spreading densification of this area, as high rises proliferate, local residents lose ...

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Picture of Palmer and Hunter

The PUP in Griffith is a Hunter

Karin Hunter with Clive Palmer

Karin Hunter of the Palmer United Party is a local teacher and businesswoman. ‘I have found Clive Palmer to be refreshingly honest and upfront, and a great advocate for the pensioners, veterans, sick, and the community,’ she said, before explaining the five ...

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Sherrilyn Church - Raise Up Australia

Muslims, gays and global warming alert

Sherrilyn Church from Rise Up Australia is not a local – she lives 150 kilometres from Brisbane at Crow’s Nest, where she grows citrus. She is actively involved in a charity in Kenya employing local health workers to provide free health care to the needy.

She says she threw her lot in with the RUA because, ‘we are not politicians, ...

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Why it’s crucial to vote for the Greens on Saturday

Why I'm now handing out for the Greens

Kerrod Trott, founding Editor and Publisher of the Westender.

I’ve been a Labour supporter man and boy for forty years. I’ve been a financial member of the local branch, and have manned the polling booths for the ALP on many occasions. Read online.

Helen Abrahams - councilor

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