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It has been a great pleasure to provide you with up to date community news again through the online services and now the print edition of Westender. We will be in print monthly from February and the next eNews will be on 8th January 2014. 

In the meantime we wish you a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year.

Abbot slams door on EDO

Abbot slams door on EDO

The EDO handbook is an invaluable resource for activists

The Queensland Environmental Defender's Office has been a West End land mark for decades. Nestled next to Sol Breads across the road from Mick's Nuts the EDO has taken on governments of all flavours for years - most recently supporting ... Read online.

Offence is not always the best defence

Offence is not always the best defence

As kids we are brought up being told that we can trust the police. They are the good guys. Those that will save us if we are in trouble. Maybe not so strange then, when a police officer is caught on camera doing something questionable and it is possibly taken out of context, that the public goes absolutely ballistic. ... Read online.

Terru Butler

Terri Butler runs for Griffith

Terri Butler is the ALP's new candidate for Griffith

Left -wing candidate for Griffith, Terri Butler, has been preselected as the ALP candidate for Griffith.

The rank-and-file membership of the party fielded over 300 members at the preselection and the vote was more than two thirds in favour ...

Read online.

Bill and Geoff in Griffith

Abbott five centuries behind

The Australian Prime minister is not just out of step with the Australian public, he is adrift from the forces of history.

His recent behaviour towards Indonesia is reminiscent of a medieval envoy rather than a post-modern Prime Minister. His attacks on science and social welfare put him at odds with the history of liberal humanism that has been the hallmark of politics for the last half millenium ... Read online.

Aaron Pedersen & Tiga Bayles

Aaron Pedersen hot at Screen Awards

Aaron Pedersen and Tiga Bayles on Let’s Talk on 98.9FM.

Hot-property Australian movie star Aaron Pedersen was interviewed this week by Tiga Bayles on West End's 98.9 FM.

Aaron was in town for the Asia Pacific Screen Awards in which he was  ... Read online.

Sherryl holds Seldom Come By

Local author launches Iceberg trilogy

Sherryll Caulfield at her launch

Local author Sherryl Caulfield last night launched the first book in her Iceberg trilogy, Seldom Come By. For a Brisbane born and bred writer, the Icebergs of the North Atlantic seem like an unlikely setting.

She describes them as evocative ... Read online.

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