By-election battlelines form

With  West End in the thick of things for a federal election you can expect the suburb to be awash with posters of would be politicians and their fans. Glasson's Gladiators are already out in their blue shirts, hundreds of Green t-shirts are in the wash already. It is not clear what colour the ALP will adopt this time round. We'll have to wait for next week to know that.

Bill and Geoff in Griffith

Westend warriors weekend inland

ALP members will head from West End to Coorparoo this Saturday night December 14th to determine the ALP candidate for the Griffith byelection.

With Glasson’s gladiators already waving inanely from behind their bulging bags of helium across the electorate, the ALP ... Read online.

Terru Butler

Butler attends to Griffith

Terri Butler is the ALP people's candidate for Griffith

When he announced his retirement at the end of the first sitting week of Parliament, Kevin Rudd surprised not only his own colleagues, he also shocked his old foe Dr Bill Glasson.

Glasson had only recently returned to work, ...

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How to stop your desk job from killing you

How to stop your desk job from killing you

Office workers can rest assured – as long as you are physically active, your desk job won’t kill you.

While increasing attention has been paid to the detrimental effects of overall sedentary behaviour in recent years, new research from the University of South Australia shows that long periods spent sitting ...

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Good food, bad food: what’s the difference?

Good food, bad food: what’s the difference?

Health experts fear community confusion is driving Queensland’s growing obesity crisis.

The grim warning comes as a new survey found only four per cent of people could tell the difference between healthy and unhealthy food.

“In a recent survey, people were asked to identify foods as healthy and unhealthy. ...

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Boundary Street mural with a story to tell

Our mural has
a story to tell

Anyone walking down Boundary Street in recent days will have noticed a hive of creative activity at the People’s Park in the middle of the street, with numerous people engaged in renewing the large mural which covered the entire wall on the northern side of the park. This mural is ... Read online.

Farw perost

FarQ - Time to stand up and speak out

All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing

- Edmund Burke 1770 (attrib) ...

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Marine invasion at the Gabba

Marine invasion at the Gabba

'All at Sea'

Monique Nicholson

Friday 13 December 6pm ~ 9pm

Exhibition Dates: 10 December ~ 21 December 2013 - Details online.

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