Food Guide kicks in

Since 1992, Westender has supported the local eateries by eating in them and writing about them. Even in this day of online review, instant tweets and searchable maps, there is still room for the local view on the local cafe.

Our team of reviewers has been heading out there and doing it tough sampling some of the wares of some of the great restaurants in the area. As the reviews are written and loaded, we'll link to them from the restaurant guide under the food link. Check it out.

Sing Sing Restaurant relocates to West End

Sing Sing finds West End fine

As my wife and I enter the newly opened Chinese and Vietnamese restaurant 'Sing Sing' in West End we are greeted by Loan, a member of the family who runs it.

She grew up in West End and spent the first fifteen years of her life here ... Read online.

Lanterns at Moon Festival

Moon Festival moves to Sunnybank

The Chinese community celebrate the Moon Festival at Sunnybank

Sunnybank was the site of Brisbane’s Moon Festival last weekend, with stunning lantern displays, traditional dancing and music. This year, a martial arts comedy performance and Chinese magic show had the crowd roaring with laughter and gaping in ...

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Locavores to gather here

With an active farmers market and strip shopping centre, West End has more options for buying local, fresh food than most Brisbane suburbs.

Local business Food Connect collects and boxes organic farmers from across the region and distributes it through a network of city cousins to time poor people.

Local cafes and restaurants head off to Rocklea before dawn or Liz and Charlies to  ... Read online.

Meet the new boss of the community sector

Meet the new boss of the community sector

Kevin Andrews has been named Minister for Social Services,placing most of the control of the Not for Profit sector under one portfolio.

Abbot described the social services portfolio as “the largest area of expenditure and payments in the Budget”,  ... Read online.

Get along to Lock n Load to support the Bimblebox campaign

West End hosts anti-coal drinks

Get along to Lock n Load 4:30 on Sunday Sept 22 to support the Bimblebox campaign

Clive Palmer ran his election campaign on a Mister Nice Guy platform that failed to mention one of the biggest environmental battles of our ... Read online.

Enclosing the commons

We hang the man and flog the woman
Who steals the goose from off the common
Yet we let the greater criminal loose
Who steals the commons from the goose

Going by the only comment so far on this story the dispute seems to be as to who is encroaching on whom. Are the gypsy's camped their alienating it from the good burghers of Highgate Hill? or are the good burghers simploy not prepared to share? ...  Read on.

Advertisement for the film

Here comes nuclear push

Pandora's box contained plagues that bedevil humanity

Urging us to open our minds and listen to the facts, a collection of high profile environmentalists marshaled by film-maker Robert Stone are leading the way for an assault on our opposition to Nuclear Energy.

Of course, like any good scientifically motivated citizen, I welcome the opportunity to hear new evidence but until the evidence is presented and those basic concerns answered I will wholeheartedly resist another round of pseudo science harnessed to the task of maintaining economic growth at all costs so that we do not have to confront the twin realities that there are too many of us and we are too greedy.

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Westender gets social

Every week we take a couple of steps towards our ultimate goal of bringing the 21 year old community publication into the 21st century. 

This week we've completed the social media link. Every story that we add to the website is tweeted and posted to our facebook page and your comments on either platform come back to the site. Check them out here.

If you're a tumbler, linked-in, pinterist or other social media enthusiast and you want to work with Westender, please let us know.