2014 sent to test us

What a start to the year - heatwave conditions, an election and ongoing attacks on the arts, social welfare, education and just about everything that the good people of 4101 care about. And that was week two.

Lucky that lots of us are happy as long as we are making money because the cranes keep going up and the holes in the ground are getting deeper or being converted to apartment blocks.

The high court has just agreed that apartments can be let to holiday makers and so your Air B&B listing lives to see another day. ... Read on ...

Campbell hugs bikies

Rolling protests over civil liberties

Perhaps a surprise speaker will support for the bikies on January 26

Queensland Civil Liberties Union met last night to plan their support of a series of rolling protests against the Queensland Government's attack on Civil Liberties. The first of these actions will be the Freedom Day ... Read online.

Meet the Griffith candidates

Meet the Griffith candidates

Study the form guide on Westender

Grill a Green, nail a Nat and  lambaste Labor candidate. Whatever the colour of your campaign t-shirt quizz a candidate on the evening of Wednesday February 5th, in West End just before the ... Read online.

Asian Honey Bees DAF

Heat hits honey stocks

Australia’s honey industry is preparing for a difficult 2014, with abnormal weather conditions set to deliver the lowest national honey yields in at least a decade.

A combination of excessive heat, flood and drought has hit prime honey producing areas in recent times and led to honey supplies falling by over 50 percent.

The honey producing process requires the right mix of temperatures and rainfall for nectar producing crops to grow, set buds, flower and  ... Read online.

Now the bees are being bugged, too

Now the bees are being bugged

Thousands of honey bees in Australia are being fitted with tiny sensors as part of a world-first research program to monitor the insects and their environment using a technique known as ‘swarm sensing’.

The research is being led by CSIRO and aims to improve honey bee ... Read online.

Holiday letting okay in 4101

Holiday letting okay in 4101

The strata title industry in Queensland applauds a ruling by the Court of Appeal of the Supreme Court of Victoria, clarifying the lawful use of class 2 (residential) buildings for short-term stays and holiday letting.

The Australian Building Code defines Class 2 buildings as containing two or more sole-occupancy units each being a separate dwelling. Apartments are class 2 buildings.

The ruling is regarded by the industry as vitally important in clarifying the letting rights of strata title owners and managers. ,,, Read online.

Batman meets fractured fairy tales on Cordelia

Batman meets fractured fairy tales on Cordelia

The Queensland Centre for Photography has released its schedule for 2014. During the first exhibition period of 2014 the gallery is showcasing artists who ... Read online.

Nic Seton

Carpark hosts G20 discussion

Nic Seton - from the Spanner Films website

The carpark under Westpac in Boundary Street last night hosted a Brisbane Free University panel discussion titled Reporting the G20 Brisbane conference to be held in November this year.

Panellists included Nic Seton, community strategist for Greenpeace; Jim Beatson, founding ... Read online.

Eight sleeps to go

If you have a story you'd like to see in print you better be quick because next week we start laying out the February print edition of the Westender.

It is going to be pretty full so anything that is not finished and with us by the end of next week is just not going to cut it, I'm afraid to say.

You can find out more about the specifications for advertisements and editorial under the about us link on the web page. Look forward to seeing you in paper.