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Welcome to the second Westender Business eNews. 

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Roberta McWhirter's delightful cynicism about the Griffith by election will not go out to the punters until next week. This issue also offers you a sneak preview of the article on using social media to make money from the February print edition.


Holiday letting okay in 4101

Holiday letting okay in 4101

The strata title industry in Queensland applauds a ruling by the Court of Appeal of the Supreme Court of Victoria, clarifying the lawful use of class 2 (residential) buildings for short-term stays and holiday letting.

The Australian Building Code defines Class 2 buildings as containing two ... Read online.

Ian Narev - CEO Commbank

Commbank chief at QUT chinwag

Ian Narev, CEO of the Commonwealth Bank

Hear one of Australia's most influential financial leaders, Ian Narev, talk of how trust and gut instinct has guided his journey to becoming Commonwealth Bank Group general manager and CEO. Mr Narev, who holds Masters ... Read online.

the new NBN

Business broadband needs support

One wag's version of fibre to the node

With Brisbane City Council investing heavily in a broadband strategy to bring Brsibane's small businesses into the 21st century, "ready or not" it is woth considering the lessons learned in broadband implementation programs in the USA. While the Minnesota program ...

Read online.

Swiping new customers with social media

Swiping new customers with social media

The best selling technical book in Australia

Social media isn’t as mysterious as the myriad of business seminars indicate, according to a new article by Geoff Ebbs in the February edition of Westender

We all ... Read online.

Asian Honey Bees DAF

Hot weather hits honey stocks

Fanning the hive in hot weather exhausts bees and reduces yield

Australia’s honey industry is preparing for a difficult 2014, with abnormal weather conditions set to deliver the lowest national honey yields in at least a decade. ... Read online.

Rudd's resignation has not delighted the Good Burghers of Griffith

A Fresh-New-Face and the suppository of righteousness

The Good Burghers of Griffith can't laugh along with Kevin no more

Most Australians and nearly all Queenslanders are heartily sick of politics: None more so than the people of Griffith. They adored the Ruddster with rock-fan like devotion only ... Read online.

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