The Queensland branch of the Australian Sex Party is planning a gathering on Saturday to protest the latest police actions at Alexandria Bay, Noosa National Park, after recent evidence emerged of the police hiding in the bushes and rushing out to fine naturists. Police admit that they have not been reacting to complaints on the day but rather consider it as ongoing “patrols” in the area.

Secretary of the Qld branch Robin Bristow says “The police are behaving like the Taliban Moral Police by enforcing a dress code on a known nudist beach. Queensland is 40 years behind the rest of Australia in legalising clothing optional beaches and we think we are the “Smart State” – what a joke”.

Local MP Glen Elmes promised to bus nudists to a nearby beach where the local MP has encouraged nudists to visit.

In response, Mr Bristow said that “Not only is this latest police action damaging the Noosa tourist economy but here we have the local state MP deliberately trying to sabotage the tourist industry by offering to bus out Noosa tourists to another town. The Noosa Council and Tourism Noosa also need to step up to send a message to State Government that they would like a legal clothing optional beach within the Noosa Shire. They are behaving like a bunch of wimps.”

The Australian Sex Party is calling Glen Elmes’s bluff and demanding he supply the buses at the end of the protest. “This would be just another broken promise by Glen Elmes if the buses do not arrive” added Mr Bristow.

Queensland Sex Party President, Mark McGovern, says “Police admit that they have only been fining males and not fining naked women, due to Noosa’s Senior Sargent MacReight and his mistaken belief that female genitalia comprise the labia minora only.

“Complaints are now being made to Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland. We have estimated that a legal clothing optional beach in Noosa would bring in some $50 million per annum to the Noosa economy, which was detailed in the Sex Party’s recent submission to the Queensland Attorney-General and Police Minister. Why is Queensland the only State without legal clothing optional beaches?”