Author: Adrian Buzolic

Grill’d West End: How To Make A Franchise Local

Grill’d West End has been part of our community for six years.  It’s owned by Dave and Collin who both live in our local area of Kurilpa and there’s a pretty good chance you’ll see the staff around too because almost all of them live locally as well.  It’s a franchise of the Grill’d company that originated and is headquartered in Melbourne and therefore follows the Grill’d business model.   Burgers aren’t a unique meal and the burgers on the West End Grill’d menu can be found at any other Grill’d shop but that’s not to say that the...

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Whaddya mean it’s free?

What would you think if you were strolling through Bunnings and someone offered you a free lawn mower?   Or through Colesworths and the price on the cauliflower was $0? What would you think and what would you feel? Would you, for example, feel wary and wonder if it came with a catcher or just a catch? And what’s your first reaction when a stranger greets you in the street with a smile and the offer of a handshake? Do you smile and cut to what you think is the inevitable chase with an “I’m sorry, but I don’t...

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Supporting our local farmers

“The wife can leave you, the kids can grow up and leave home, the bank can repossess the farm – but the farmers’ friend (also known as Cobblers Pegs) will always be with you.” An old bush saying. David Bostock, Manager of the Boundary Street Markets, really feels the plight of the Australian farmer. In his many years of running various markets around Brisbane, he’s gotten to know a lot of the farmers and market gardeners who use local markets to sell directly to the public, making a decent profit for themselves and avoiding the stringent terms and conditions...

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Alcohol-fuelled violence: the poison and the antidote

While our leaders shake their heads in despair at what everybody now calls ‘alcohol-fuelled violence’, the rest of us can shake our heads over their cluelessness. At least they could consider something other than more law enforcement that is already not working. People are far less likely to behave badly when they know those they might offend. We are far more likely to wish punishments on people we haven’t met or drop bombs on people we can’t see. We might occasionally behave badly at a family barbeque or the school fete, but we are far looser at a venue...

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