Author: Dave Andrews

A Role Model For Scott Morison?

Asa Jennings was born in Upstate New York, USA on September 20, 1877. Very little is known about Asa’s childhood. And, according to Giles Milton, Asa grew up to be a very unremarkable adult. Giles said Asa was a ‘shy individual, five feet tall and diminutive of build, he wore large glasses and had an uncommonly large mouth’. And ‘when he smiled he looked like a frog’. In spite of his shyness Asa studied to become a pastor and was ordained as a Methodist minister. Even then it was said of him, that as he was a ‘hunchback’ –...

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Here I Stand, As A Non-Muslim, With Muslims.

I know what can happen in a country when a majority turns against a minority. I was living in India in 1984 when two Sikh bodyguards assassinated the Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi, and the majority Hindu community turned against the minority Sikh community in Delhi, whom they judged guilty by association. And within 48 hours up to 5,000 innocent Sikhs were slaughtered. For more than twelve years my wife Ange and I and our two children lived in the cosmopolitan city of Delhi. The imperial splendour of Rajpath is superb. The quiet beauty of Lodhi Gardens is...

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Listen To The Voices Of Moderate Islam

We need to listen to the voices of sanity that represent the majority of Muslims, says Dave Andrews If you have seen the Courier Mail in the news stands the last few weeks, you would have noticed how much the press love putting scary stories on the front page of the paper. They quote the most blood-curdling statements from the most hair-raising extremists they can find, without any regard for the way they mis-represent the views of the vast majority of our Muslim neighbours. In so doing, they do the work of the terrorists they quote, frightening us out...

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Lets Stop Scapegoating Each Other

Dave Andrews fears that the scapegoating of our Muslim neighbours has begun, again, in earnest. Scapegoating is the singling out of a person – a ‘fall guy’, a ‘whipping boy’ or ‘vulnerable girls’, like Salam and her friends – for unmerited punishment. Scapegoating is an ancient tradition of projecting blame onto an ‘Other’, that was first enacted on the Day of Atonement when a high priest laid the sins of the people on the head of goat – literally a ‘scape-goat’ – before it escaped, and fled for its life into the wilderness. And the practice is still with...

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How can we deal with terror In Australia?

Dave Andrews’ plea for religious tolerance in the Westender generated a lot of feedback and controversy – including this comment: “Okay Dave, So Much For Being Nice And Neighbourly, But How Can We Deal With Real Terrorists In Australia?” Here’s Dave’s response: If we treat our neighbours the way that we would like to be treated, in my experience, many of them, if not all, are more than happy to reciprocate. But what do we do with those who have the darkness of ‘terror’ in their heart? Like the alleged ‘Aussie terrorist’ we heard about yesterday who was devising...

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