Author: Dave Andrews

Prayer Vigil sees Eleven Christian Leaders Detained

A protest at the office of Health Minister Peter Dutton MP has seen eleven Christian activists – including Westenders Terry Fitzpatrick and Dave Andrews – detained before being released without charge. The abusive treatment in detention of children seeking asylum in Australia has touched a nerve. Normally quiet well-dressed law-abiding middle-of-the-road religious people all over Australia are rising up and risking arrest to protest Australian Government Policy that The Australian Churches Refugee Task Force recently unhesitatingly labelled as “State-Sanctioned Child Abuse”. There is much concern over the adverse impact prolonged detention has on the health of children. The facts...

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What I secretly, really believe

I often experience serious grievous reasons to doubt what I am going to say, but let me tell you what I secretly really believe. My mate, Mike Riddell, says that ‘everything alive is moving, even that which appears to stand still. Call it evolution if you will. Call it creation if you prefer. The engine that drives the universe forward is not natural selection but the dreaming of God. God’s dreams pervade the world as a song haunts your mind; summoning, luring, calling. Where they find resonance, there is movement. God calls the tune; some of us dance. This...

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Engaging a new Dark Age of Corporate Feudalism

Recently I wrote about ‘Entering A New Dark Age’ and its policy impact on asylum seekers published in The Westender under the title ‘Corporate Feudalism’ The two default reactions for dealing with a threat to civic society like the ‘New Dark Age Of Corporate Feudalism’ we are face to face with are ‘Fight’ and ‘Flight’ The first option, favoured by the hawks among us, is ‘Fight Against The Darkness’. The trouble is that this reflects and reinforces the neo-feudal ‘crusade’ mentality of society and will only increase the darkness of our New Dark Age. The second option, favoured by...

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‘We are at our best when we show compassion to the oppressed’.

During Lent I have joined some dear friends to lament Australia’s treatment of Asylum Seekers. I have prayed to find a way to encourage my fellow Aussies to re-discover our compassion. As I prayed I got this weird kind of idea about walking to the capital of our country, to appeal to the heart of the nation. And when I discovered that Tri Nguyen was already doing it, I asked him if I could walk alongside him, on the last leg of the journey. In 1982 Tri Nguyen came to Australia as a boat person, seeking asylum, after fleeing...

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We Are Entering A New Dark Age

Anybody who knows me, knows that I have been having a recurring nightmare – now more than ever – that we are entering A New Dark Age. And Jacques Attali, who was a professor of economics at the Polytechnique in Paris, and was appointed as the president of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development based in London, shares my nightmare. Attali says: ‘By 2050, 8 billion people will populate the earth. More than two-thirds will live in the poorest countries. Seeking to escape their desperate fate, millions will attempt to leave behind their misery to seek a decent...

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