Author: Geoff Ebbs

Snow White reflects Brisbane’s vigour

Brisbane Festival sets out to nurture and celebrate Brisbane’s cultural life. If international respect is a sign of our cultural depth, then the inclusion of two independent performances of Snow White, mark a milestone in that celebration. Republished with permission from The Generator The choice of Brisbane as the exclusive Australian destination for Ballet Preljocaj’s Snow White is one measure of such success. It is partly due to the oft-stated aim of Queensland Ballet director, Li Cun Xing, to make Brisbane a global centre of excellence for ballet. He has achieved this with a mix of classics and new works,...

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West End street artist at SLQ

West End street-artist Oilik has been invited to exhibit at the State Library Queensland starting tomorrow, Saturday 18th June. A renowned satirical cartoonist in Iran, Hesam Fretati has continued working in Australia, making street art and a series of political cartoons based on the migrant experience in Australia. In the lead up to his graduation, his Anticipation series will be hung as part of a group show in the Philip Bacon Heritage Gallery on level 4 State Library of Queensland, Southbank from 18th June. Brisbane based artist, Hesam Fretati, has retrieved a handful of the books pulped and banned...

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Rapid Response Wrecks Fire Festival for Visitors

The battle lines between West End’s spontaneous grass roots and our “no art, no heart, no-fun, no way” establishment were clearly drawn at the West End Fire Festival at Orleigh Park last night. Two Rapid Response Group vehicles with at least eight officers descended on the area, writing out $89 parking tickets for those tourists parked higgledy piggledy under trees and on nature strips in an effort to enjoy the packed event. Hundreds of locals and visitors have come thirteen times a year since 2006 to the south west corner of 4101 to enjoy the fire-twirling and drum circle...

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Sinners alive and kicking at the Jazz Club

A Brisbane favourite fronted up to the Jazz Club last night to launch a long-awaited CD. Karen Anderson and the Fortunate Sinners have lain reasonably low for a little while but that did not stop fans stepping out in style for the launch of Live and Kickin’ at the Jazz Club. The audience were indeed alive and kicking and enjoying themselves intensely. The Sinners cover the best songs of the best artists better than competently. Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Stay Together, Prince’s Purple Rain, Renee Geyer’s Heading in the Right Direction all hit the mark. Some songs work brilliantly, Paul...

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Desperate fossil fools start leaking cash

There is a room at the Parliament House where disaffected ex-ministers meet. Other Parliamentarians refer to it as the Monkey Pod. Chief monkey was once famous for three word slogans. It was thought quite impressive that a monkey could string three words together convincingly enough to cause humans to repeat and discuss them as a meaningful phrase. Westender can reveal, however, that the ape did not invent the phrases on its own. Humans were employed to invent them and teach them to him. Yes, that’s right, Moulah changed hands. Of course, the monkey did not pay the money. Money...

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