Author: Helen Abrahams

Brisbane parks law now has a fact sheet

Councillor Helen Abrahams this morning distributed a summary of and pointer to Brisbane City Council’s fact sheet on the proposed law to give Council officers powers to move people on from Brisbane parks. Council has now released a Park Fact Sheet that provides greater detail and explanation about park activities that require a permit and when you need to pay a fee. To access the full Fact Sheet go to the following site, and scroll down to Public Land Local Law 2014 Fact Sheet However, in spite of the factsheet I always encourage you to contact Council to be...

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Back to the drawing board for Kurilpa Riverfront Master Plan

Councillor Helen Abrahams, The Gabba Ward said that Council must go back to the drawing board with Draft Kurilpa Riverfront Master Plan following 300 guests at industry lunch laughing at the proposed excessive development. There is no innovation in this Plan. It is simply copying the highly designed riverbank features of SouthBank but with 11,000 residents and 8,000 workers in more than 30 high rise buildings. There are 25 buildings shown between the River and Montague Road. “There was mirth in the room when the number and heights of the proposed tower buildings was shown” said Helen Abrahams Essentially...

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Sleight of Hand in draft New City Plan

The existing Brisbane City Plan 2000 earmarks six sites for “new public open space” within the South Brisbane Riverside Neighbourhood Plan. Four new parks are to be delivered as part of the high rise development of the Parmalat site, the ACI site, the Absoe site and a third site south of Davies Park – the Lord Mayor recently identified Bailey Street as the location. The other two parks require the acquisition of land at 68 Vulture Street and 281 Montague Road, so expanding Davies Park. Council has issued a Notice for Compulsory Acquisition of 68 Vulture Street, triggered by...

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