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Greens ready to rule

“Greens are in the electoral process for the long haul” Republished with permission from No Fibs Like other minor party candidates, Geoff Ebbs admits it can be very hard for the Greens to get any mainstream media focus, particularly at the local level. This is compounded when standing against a high-profile candidate like Kevin Rudd. Ebbs says he has met Rudd on the hustings and considers him to be a consummate media performer.  Rudd, he says, has his own media team, regularly uploading new Kevin videos on YouTube, “… and, as a small party, it’s hard to compete against that.” Geoff...

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Citizen journalism in Griffith

My first attempt at citizen journalism was my June profile of the Griffith electorate. Reprinted with permission from No Fibs. Since then I have spoken with staff in both Kevin Rudd’s and Bill Glasson’s local electorate offices and sent emails with my details seeking interviews or response to questions.  Electorate staff have been polite and helpful and have promised to pass my details on to their candidates. I have learned that follow-up calls are important and I will keep trying. As the PM, Mr Rudd has constant national and local coverage, and is supported by his own media team.  Dr Glasson likewise is...

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