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Redistribute the wealth

Liam Flenady of the Socialist Alliance routinely attends rallies in support of community campaigns such as marriage equality, rights for asylum seekers, single parents and action on climate change. When he is not out on the hustings he is a PhD student in composition at the Queensland Conservatorium. He says he keeps his art and his politics separate, but the demands of both are significant. According to Flenady, the Campbell Newman government has decimated the Arts budget in Queensland, in what he says is a mostly ‘symbolic response to so-called cultural elites’, and he says we can expect the same under...

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The PUP in Griffith is a Hunter

Karin Hunter of the Palmer United Party is a local teacher and businesswoman. ‘I have found Clive Palmer to be refreshingly honest and upfront, and a great advocate for the pensioners, veterans, sick, and the community,’ she said, before explaining the five ways her party differs from the LNP. The PUP would repeal the carbon tax and refund all payments made to date; they would ban lobbyists from having a role in political parties; they would support the development of mineral processing within Australia, to ‘create jobs, build export revenue and a stronger balance of payments’; they would direct wealth...

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Who’s who in the Griffith zoo

There are eleven candidates standing for election to the House of Representatives in the Queensland division of Griffith, and the polls are getting tight Many will be watching Griffith because Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is, of course, the sitting member, with the LNP’s Dr Bill Glasson his main contender. Mr Rudd’s office has politely declined my request for an interview, but Dr Glasson’s office has not responded to several requests. But the minor parties have had no problem talking to me. Here are links to my pieces on each of the candidates I spoke to. Redistribute the wealth –...

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Christine Milne Launches Griffith Greens’ Campaign

Xenophon dumps Greens to be kingmaker: Milne Republished with the permission of citizen journalism site No Fibs After firing up a rally for marriage equality in Brisbane’s Queens Park on Saturday, Greens leader Christine Milne rallied the faithful at the campaign launch for Griffith candidate Geoff Ebbs at the Fox Hotel on Saturday night. This was the first time I have attended a campaign launch, and it was a more intimate and candid affair than I had anticipated. There was no mainstream media present and the speeches, most unscripted, seemed to be heart-felt and genuine. The aim was to...

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Volunteers get ready to commence divestment campaign. trainer Charlie Wood, took a group of 20 volunteers through their paces at its first Brisbane Workshop on Saturday. stands for 350 parts per million, this figure is what the science says is the absolute limit for CO2 emissions in our atmosphere to avoid runaway climate change. The aim of the Brisbane workshop was to equip volunteers with the resources to engage with their own banks, superannuation funds, universities, churches and other organisations about the need to challenge the fossil fuel industry and to invest in a more sustainable financial...

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