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Two degrees: global warming up close and personal – John Mongard

In an article published this week in the journal Foreground, West End based landscape architect, John Mongard, makes a deeply personal commitment to shift his professional and personal life to focus on mitigating the threats of global heating in his local community. Mr Mongard says that now is the time to “plan and design landscapes not for image and amenity, but for survival”.  He writes: Business as usual is over. Given our failures to meet climate targets to date, this week is when I start designing for two degrees, so my landscapes will still be around in 2030. Built...

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After the Election: what next for activists? A conversation with Winnifred Louis

In the weeks since the Federal Election on the 18th of May we have seen a multitude of analysis from journalists, politicians, and activists – some doing a rethink, some looking to blame, others doubling down. Reasons proffered for Scott Morrison’s ‘surprise’ win include a crowded and complex policy agenda from Labor, Murdoch Press attacks, ‘fake news’ on social media, poor choice of tactics by activist groups, and of course, the relative popularity of the leaders. No doubt many of these factors were in play in the election’s outcome. Nevertheless, activists within the environmental and union movements are recognising...

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Birdlife Australia’s campaign to protect Toondah wetlands – #ExtinctionCrisis

BirdLife Australia is our largest bird conservation organisation. It is an independent, science-based, not-for-profit organisation, which aims to create a positive future for Australia’s birds. One of their recent campaigns has been to save the mudflats of Toondah Harbour in Queensland’s Moreton Bay. The harbour is part of an internationally significant wetlands which forms part of the Moreton Bay, an area covered by the Convention on Wetlands of International Importance (the Ramsar Convention). “This shimmering expanse of substrate, teeming with life, supports a healthy population of Eastern Curlews, Critically Endangered shorebirds that fly in from Siberia every year. It’s...

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Public Places: Contested Spaces – Who decides what next for Boundary Street?

Several community groups and individuals have told The Westender that they have serious concerns about a new Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED)[1] audit of the Boundary Street precinct in West End. Among the concerns raised are what appears to be a limited consultation process, lack of a clear evidence-base for the identified issues, and narrowly focused recommendations. The audit was commissioned by the West End Traders Association (WETA) and prepared by Urbis. When releasing the report on the 13th of May, WETA President, Peter Martinelli, said that anti-social behaviour had been on the rise in the Boundary Street...

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Parking a key challenge for West End Traders

One of Brisbane’s longest running business associations says it is “going through a renaissance” and hopes to take a more active role in the planning and operations of West End. West End Traders Association (including its predecessor) was established in the early 1980s and represents more than 30 retail and commercial businesses (about 30% of local businesses) who together employ more than 370 staff. West End Traders Association (WETA) reports that West End businesses service almost 400,000 customers every year and generate about $190 million in economic activity. WETA President Peter Marinelli, who has operated his Swiss Gourmet deli...

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