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Climate of Hope? Post-Election Drinks & Discussion

A quarter of the Great Barrier Reef is dead. Terrifying storms. Furious fires. Extreme heat. Unprecedented temperature records. Climate change is happening now and the impacts are playing out across our ecosystems and communities. The science is in – if we are to avoid the worst effects of global warming, Australia needs to shift from fossil fuel power to clean energy within the next decade.  And yet with the election wrapped up, it’s clear that the ambitious action the climate crisis demands won’t come from this Parliament. As history shows us, it’s people power that drives change. Now it’s...

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West End Film Festival showcases new Aussie short films

The evidence is in; we Australians want to see stories made by and for us on the big screen – in fact, in 2015 Australian film had its biggest year at the box office ever. And it’s ‘our’ stories that are on offer at the coming West End Film Festival (WEFF). WEFF has been showcasing short films created by Australians since 2009 when a group of local Brisbane filmmakers identified the need to build a platform to showcase local work. WEFF also provides an entry-way for emerging filmmakers into the larger film festivals held around the country. 2016 WEFF...

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Cranbrook House Remembered #SorryDay

In the lead up to Sorry Day this year it was a privilege to join Karina Hogan in a conversation with Link-Up (QLD) Chairman, Uncle Sam Watson at Cranbrook Place in Orleigh Park. Cranbrook Place is the site of an Aboriginal Girls Home which operated under the Queensland Protection of Aboriginals and Control of the Supply of Opium Act 1897 between 1900 and 1906. Nothing remains of the house now apart from the stone steps the would once have lead to the front of the house, yet as Uncle Sam says of the site, “It has real significant to our...

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Danish Student to cover Griffith for #ausvotes 2016

In a large-scale collaborative project known as UniPollWatch, journalism students from Universities across Australia will be covering all 150 Federal electorates for the 2nd of July ballot. Danish student Simon Hjortkjaer is covering Griffith for UniPollWatch and is currently in the process of collating candidates’ profiles. His fellow Dane, Kasper Kaasgaard is covering the seat of Bonner. Both Simon and Kasper are journalism honours students at Griffith University and are living in the Griffith electorate. Not only are Simon and Kasper having to get their heads around the complicated Australian electoral system (and their electorates), but they each have to...

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