Author: Kaya Ra Edwards

Night’s cool kiss caps steamy summer days

On a recent weekend visit to Brisbane, I lay on the carpet in my friend’s room watching the fan head push hot midday air towards me, wondering why I had thought it an acceptable prospect to be hung over in the heat that has lately enveloped Brisbane. My friend was lying on another section of the carpet, melting into it, and another friend was fighting sleep on the bed. We didn’t even have it in us to crawl to the kitchen where there was water and cold tiles which, I knew from experience, offered sweet, energy-efficient relief. We had...

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Why Possums Are Jerks

It was about the time that I was shuffling around nervously just outside my share-house’s kitchen with a giant inflatable toothpaste tube that I wondered, ‘are possums really that cute?’ The novelty toothpaste tube in question was one that I had acquired at my supermarket job, a relic of an enormous dental hygiene display. It was the only thing big enough when held out in front of me to create a barrier between me and the possums that once again had gatecrashed my kitchen for some rubbish bin dinner. The possums were a real pair of jerks – a...

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