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Tackle poverty through education – Smith Family

The Smith Family is calling on the community to support the education of disadvantaged children this Anti-Poverty Week (15-21 October). More than 1.1 million children and young people are living in poverty across Australia[1] and without the tools they need for school and access to extra learning support, these children are at risk of a lifetime of poverty, The Smith Family warned today. Supporting young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to continue their education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty, with those completing Year 12 more likely to go on to further study or work. Yet recent data...

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Anti Poverty Week 2017 gets underway

More than 400 activities will be held around Australia in Anti-Poverty Week 2017, 15-21 October. About a thousand organisations and tens of thousands of people will participate. Activities and events Activities during the Week will include launches, forums, workshops, awards, exhibitions, fund-raisers, publications, presentations, addresses, festivals and many other activities focussing on different aspects of poverty and hardship at home and abroad. Venues include parks, civic squares, churches, community centres, libraries, health centres, welfare agencies, business offices, town halls, parliaments, universities, schools and markets Themes and participants Key themes include links between poverty and education, health, work, finance, housing,...

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Look who’s talking about poverty and inequality

On Tuesday the 17th October from 9.30 am to 1pm at the State Library of Queensland there will be a great opportunity to hear from Dr Richard Denniss – the Chief Economist at The Australian Institute – and other great speakers and panellists about poverty and inequality. “Who is The Australia Institute? The Australia Institute’s Board represents a range of views and priorities, and its staff includes policy experts from fields as diverse as economics, public health and law. What unites us is a belief that, through a combination of research and creativity, we can develop the new ideas...

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Governments surrendering our privacy – QCCL

Queensland Council of Civil Liberties (QCCL) president, Michael Cope, said today, “Yesterday’s COAG meeting was another example of the now familiar process where after each terror incident our governments hack away at our rights to privacy and due process. “Given it is clear that terrorist attacks are, sadly, not going to stop soon, where does that process end?” asked Mr Cope. “How much of these precious rights will eventually be left? “Once again these decisions have been justified on the basis of at best opaque claims that somehow the new powers would have prevented previous incidents or are needed...

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Time for national leadership on DV leave

Executive President of The Services Union, Jennifer Thomas is meeting with the Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence, the Hon. Shannon Fentiman MP and Karyn Walsh, CEO of Micah Projects, to call on the Federal Government to show real leadership around the need for Domestic and Family Violence Leave (DFVL) in the lead up to COAG National Summit on 5 October. The trio will meet at the premises of Micah Projects in Boundary Street, West End, to issue their call to action. COAG noted the report on the outcomes of the COAG National Summit on Reducing...

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