Author: Kerrod Trott

UNSW and ACOSS tackle poverty and inequality

UNSW Sydney and the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) will work to tackle poverty and equality head on through a new collaboration launched at UNSW on Thursday 8 February 2018. The collaboration includes backing from UNSW, various ACOSS member organisations and philanthropists to the value of $2 million over five years. Although well-being is high, the latest OECD Economic Survey of Australia 2017 reports unequivocally that inequality has risen in Australia. The struggle to afford basic daily needs is a serious problem for many people in Australia despite being a wealthy country. Nearly 3 million people live below...

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Stop the Cashless Welfare Card rollout – UnitingCare

UnitingCare Australia has called on the Senate to halt harmful Cashless Welfare Card experiment. National Director of UnitingCare Australia. Claerwen Little, says: ‘’When we see that the trial of a new drug is making patients sicker, we call a halt. The cashless card is causing harm – it must be stopped and the $18.9 million a year misspent on it should be redirected to providing programs that really will improve health and well-being in the communities.’’ The stated purpose of income management schemes including the Cashless welfare card trial, is to reduce the harms caused by alcohol and drug...

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An Indigenous voice can help Close the Gap

The establishment of an Indigenous voice to parliament would help address key problems outlined in a 10-year review of the Closing the Gap strategy, says Reconciliation Australia CEO Karen Mundine. Reconciliation Australia echoes calls for the Federal Government to reset its approach to closing the gap in health outcomes, as outlined in a Close the Gap Campaign report released today. The review found that the government’s failure to base their policies on meaningful consultation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities is a core reason why the strategy failed to significantly improve health outcomes. The Referendum Council last year...

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A humanitarian crisis here in Australia

Around 12,000 people seeking asylum living in Australia are at risk of losing lifesaving services due to Government changes. Status Resolution Support Services (SRSS) are a base line support safety net that often is not enough to make ends meet, but keeps people from complete destitution. Government changes to SRSS impact case management, income support (89% of Newstart payment amount), which enables people to pay rent, and access to specialist medical care including torture and trauma counselling. This limited support has been standard practice for decades for people awaiting their final refugee status determination. Among recent changes, the Turnbull...

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Queensland set to celebrate Women’s Week

Queensland Women’s Week recognises and celebrates the achievements of Queensland’s women and girls. Everyone has a role to play in creating a Queensland community that respects women, embraces gender equality, and promotes and protects the rights, interests and wellbeing of women and girls. This year Queensland Women’s Week celebrations will be held from 3 to 11 March with the theme ‘Celebrate wellbeing. Everybody wins’. The theme aims to encourage women and girls to celebrate their wellbeing which benefits not only individual women and girls, but the whole community. It also aligns with the health and wellbeing priority of the...

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