Author: Kerrod Trott

Don’t blame the Boomers – tax the rich!

Fears of inter-generational tension between young and old are unfounded, according to a new study. Researchers at the University of Birmingham say that social, economic and demographic factors are generally pushing UK families together, rather than driving them apart along generational lines.  Their key findings were: Instead of falling victim to inter-generational tensions, families are determined to support their own members financially. Some families are much better placed than others to provide help, reinforcing the gap between rich and poor. Most families still think the state has a fundamental role to play in offering support. There is little appetite for...

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What’s in the State Budget for West End?

The South Brisbane community has lots to celebrate with several big ticket initiatives receiving major funding in the recent Palaszczuk Government Budget. Deputy Premier and Member for South Brisbane Jackie Trad said there was great news across the board with strong investment in schools, public transport, health and the arts. “I am incredibly excited about this Budget because it delivers projects that I have been fighting to secure for many, many years because I know how important they are for our community,” Ms Trad said. “I am thrilled to announce that we will be fully funding the $5.4 billion...

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Artistic innovation on show at West Village

Multiple Archibald Prize finalist David Bromley opened the doors of his latest Brisbane exhibition to the public on the weekend of June 17 and 18. The Bromley Room is an arts and events studio that includes a specially commissioned exhibition of Bromley’s works (paintings and sculptures), housed in the historic Peter’s Ice Cream Factory on the site of the West Village development at West End. As well as Bromley’s well-known works, the studio includes some of his Blackman by Bromley series, painted in collaboration with famed Australian artist Charles Blackman and his family. Bromley and his wife Yuge recently...

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Let’s talk about the cost of knowledge

Sir Timothy Gowers is professor of mathematics at the University of Cambridge, Fellow of the Royal Society (UK), and recipient of the Fields Medal, Sylvester Medal of the Royal Society of London and the De Morgan Medal of the University of Cambridge. For the past several years, Sir Timothy has been campaigning against publishing houses (specifically Elsevier) monopolising access to academic journals and restricting the free exchange of information. He initiated a boycott in 2012, known as The Cost of Knowledge, with the support of thousands of academics around the world. Sir Timothy Gowers, will be leading a thought-provoking...

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Build a better world through Fairtrade

This Monday, 12 June, is World Day Against Child Labour. World Day Against Child Labour is a chance for Australians to think about how their everyday actions can help build a fairer world, says the Chief Executive Officer of Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand. “Everyone has the power to ask questions of their favourite brands – whether that’s a cup of coffee, a bar of chocolate or a cotton t-shirt,” says Molly Harriss Olson. According to the United Nations, around 168 million children are caught up in child labour. More than half are exposed to the worst forms of...

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