Author: Kerrod Trott

da Vinci is visiting Toowoomba

Delve into the mind of artist, scientist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci when a new internationally touring exhibition opens at Cobb+Co Museum in Toowoomba on 9 December 2017. Da Vinci Machines: Leonardo’s Inventions Brought to Life features more than 50 exhibits reconstructed from illustrations and writings by the mastermind. On loan from the Museum of Leonardo da Vinci in Florence, Italy, and suitable for all ages, the interactive machines are created from original da Vinci drawings and highlights include the bicycle, the scuba suit, a drumming robot, spring powered car, as well as flying machines. Visitors will see actual-size...

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Andrew Bartlett welcomes outcome of Pine Gap trial

Queensland Greens Senator Andrew Bartlett has welcomed the decision of a Federal Court Judge in Brisbane not to jail six Queensland residents who engaged in peaceful protests at the Pine Gap Military Base. The Federal government and Attorney-General George Brandis tried to escalate their charges using a draconian Cold War era law and urged the Judge to jail the protestors. “Today marks a failed attempt by the Attorney-General and the Federal government to stifle the Pine Gap protestors’ freedom of speech and freedom to express their religious beliefs. “The only thing this group of Christian pacifists did on the...

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Jackie Trad to deliver transparency on infrastructure funding – #qldvotes

Local member for South Brisbane Jackie Trad has announced that a re-elected Labor Government will require Councils to reveal more information to the community about how millions of dollars in developer levies are spent in their local neighbourhoods. “Residents have consistently raised concerns with me over the lack of transparency around how councils distribute the millions of dollars levied from developers, which are meant to go towards important community projects like parks and local roads,” Ms Trad said. “I know this is particularly a concern in our local community. “If re-elected, the Palaszczuk Government will amend the Planning Act...

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Helen says “Think before you vote” – #qldvotes

Local Labor identity Helen Abrahams has some advice for anyone who intends to vote for the environment on Saturday. Labor’s election pledge to build large scale, publicly owned renewable energy will put Queensland ahead of the rest of the country, embracing our competitive advantage of world beating sunshine. While the community overwhelmingly believes electricity is best delivered by the public sector, most of the renewable energy currently being built in Australia is privately owned, offering huge profits to corporations. Our renewable energy revolution is sadly delivering privatisation by stealth. Queensland Labor has promised to build 1000 Megawatts of publicly...

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Some questions for Jackie Trad MP – #qldvotes

As part of the Westender’s election coverage, we have sent each candidate a list of questions regarding their policies, philosophy and voting intentions. Here is the response of Jackie Trad MP, sitting member and candidate for the ALP. What do you think makes you personally qualified to represent the residents of the South Brisbane electorate? I have been a local in South Brisbane for more than 40 years. I grew up in East Brisbane, attending St Joseph’s Primary School at Kangaroo Point. My parents owned and ran the fruit shop in Woolloongabba and, together with my husband, I am...

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