Author: Kerrod Trott

Blindly following the US into another war

The Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN) says escalating hostilities in the South-China Sea have the potential to spark a major military conflict in Asia-Pacific and draw Australia into another foreign war. Despite reassurances from Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull that Australia does not have to choose between China and the US Alliance, IPAN Secretary Ms Annette Brownlie said it was clear from statements made by US Army Assistant Chief of Staff Colonel Tom Hanson last week, and the buildup of US military forces in the region, that pressure is mounting on Australia. “We strongly urge all countries directly involved...

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Call for nominations – Griffith Australia Day Awards

Do you know someone who deserves recognition for their volunteer work?   Local Federal Member Terri Butler is continuing Kevin Rudd’s tradition of recognising local volunteers, at the 18th annual Griffith Australia Day Awards.   If you know an individual, a couple, or a small group of people who should be recognised, why not nominate them? For someone to be eligible, they must have undertaken volunteer activities in the Griffith electorate. The nomination must not relate to volunteer work that has already been acknowledged via an Australian or Commonwealth honour.   An independent committee will consider and decide on all nominations. They’ll...

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New website unlocks the law

One of Queensland’s longest established community organisations, Caxton Legal Centre, is celebrating its fortieth anniversary in style with the launch of a new, online edition of the Queensland Law Handbook (QLH). According to Scott McDougall, Director of Caxton, “Community Legal Centres are at the forefront of innovation in the law, and the digital age presents another challenge and some exciting opportunities to make the law more accessible”. “While we made every effort to convert the updated version of the 12th and last paper edition of the Queensland Law Handbook into a user-friendly online legal self-help resource, this digital edition...

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Sam cuts through the bullshit

There are some who would say that the colonisation of Australia was a relatively peaceful affair, where a primitive Stone Age culture simply melted away in the face of superior Western civilisation. As recently as 1982, a prominent British critic (in reviewing Judith Wright’s “The Cry For The Dead”) could say in all seriousness “…it was emphatically not an extermination. It was the inevitable result of a collision between civilized Europe and the stone age.” Noted community activist and Chairperson of Link-Up Aboriginal Corporation (Qld) Sam Watson is having none of that. Wearing his metaphorical black armband with pride,...

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An apology in order for former Lord Mayor

When an informant insists on anonymity, verification of the information offered must be sought from other, preferably attributable, sources.A story by Anthony Marx, titled, “City Beat: Architects “filthy’’ about West End project” published in The Courier-Mail on the 10th of August, 2016 contained factual errors and the subsequent ‘clarification’ by Mr Marx did not go far enough – it should have been an apology. The article by-the-way, in its original form, is still available on line for those who pay a subscription to the paper. Former Lord Mayor, Tim Quinn, a West End resident, has been a vocal critic of the controversial West Village/Sekisui House development,...

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