Author: Kerrod Trott

Tell Nick to reject the Welfare ‘Reform’ Bill

This week, the Senate will be voting on the Welfare Reform Bill, which will apply stricter conditions and harsher penalties for non-compliance to people receiving Centrelink payments. We have prepared a thorough brief on the Bill, and its impact on vulnerable people. As reported in The Guardian (Coalition warned welfare overhaul could worsen homelessness) the homelessness sector has serious concerns about the impact these proposed changes will have on existing clients, and also fears a large number of new people will be pushed to homelessness who would previously have been able to cope unassisted.   This increase in homelessness,...

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Don’t buy into war – IPAN

The Turnbull Government’s plan to give weapons manufacturers $3.8 billions of taxpayers’ funds is being blasted by workers involved in the Don’t Buy Into War campaign. Peace and Justice is Union Business, which includes unions and rank-and-file union members, says offering government support for the arms industry so soon after withdrawing support for domestic auto manufacturing is a cruel joke. ETU  Victoria  Assistant  Secretary  Ivan  Balta  says  the  subsidies  come  just  a  few  years  after  the  Abbott government withdrew industry support for domestic auto manufacturing, declaring the ‘Age of Entitlement over’ and daring car makers to leave Australia. “Apparently...

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New coffee shop stubs out the cigars

The most common question barista Sinead Green is asked at her new South Brisbane coffee shop is ”do you still sell cigars?”. While customers are disappointed to learn that Cuban cigars are no longer available, they are delighted that the distinctive red Paladar Fumior Salon on the corner of Fish Lane and Merivale Street has reopened and is continuing its reputation for great coffee. 20-year old Sinead recently returned to Queensland after a short stint in Melbourne where she completed a Visual Arts Diploma at RMIT and managed a funky cafe in St. Kilda. Now studying psychology in Brisbane,...

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Everything you wanted to know about the cost of dope

A new study reveals the cost of marijuana in 120 cities around the world, and calculates how much tax revenue a city could gain from legalisation. ● ‏Tokyo, Japan has the most expensive cannabis‏ ‏, at 32.66 USD per gram. ‏ ● ‏Quito, Ecuador has the least expensive marijuana‏ ‏, at 1.34 USD per gram. ‏ ● ‏Based on the average US marijuana tax rates currently implemented, ‏ ‏New York City could generate the highest potential tax revenue by legalising weed‏ ‏, with 156.40 million USD per year. New York City also has the highest consumption rate of cannabis,...

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Sharks vital to marine ecosystems – new report

Scientists at The University of Western Australia have discovered evidence of body shape changes in fish due to shark population declines from overfishing. Researchers from The University of Western Australia, Australian Institute of Marine Science, University of Miami (UM) and the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science analysed seven different fish species from two neighbouring coral reef systems off the coast of North-West Australia. The findings shed new light on the cascading effects that the loss of the ocean’s top predators is having on marine ecosystems. The Rowley Shoals and the Scott Reefs are each comprised of multiple...

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