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When did eating ice cream become so dangerous?

Recently a community member was told by West Village security guards that they couldn’t enter the West Village Commons because of the West Village Ice Cream Festival: a marketing activity for the development. When did eating ice cream become so dangerous? The resident was told they could only access The Commons if they had a free ticket which could be booked online. Is this what the community can expect from the open space provided by this development? It’s true that other parks in the neighbourhood are sometimes cordoned off for festivals, for example, Musgrave Park for Paniyiri. However, security...

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At last, comprehensive traffic and mobility study for #WestEnd

Kurilpa Futures welcomes Brisbane City Council’s announcement of traffic improvements along Montague Road and congratulates the Little Streets group and our Councillor Jonathan Sri on their campaign to improve the safety and reduce traffic impacts in this area. The proposed measures, including traffic lights at Vulture Street, kerb build outs with pedestrian refuges at Harriet and Rogers Streets are attempts to manage current traffic hazards. We also acknowledge Council’s intention to introduce a residential parking scheme for most of West End. However, given the serious traffic issues arising from the projected population growth of the peninsula these proposals are...

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Greening the verge at West End State School @KurilpaFutures

As part of Kurilpa Future’s ongoing Youth Engagement Strategy, West End State School (WESS) Environment Club students joined members of Kurilpa Futures (KF) in a collaboration to ‘green the verge’ in the Hardgrave Rd Greening Project (one of three proposed by KF).   Students from the WESS Environment Club and their families were out in force on Sunday 3 September to finish off what they started in March … the greening of the verge in Hardgrave Road. At the initial meeting, WESS Principal Kim McNamara said she was keen to have students actively involved in such a positive project...

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Simple ways to green the city @KurilpaFutures

Last Sunday, fifty people of all ages and backgrounds met to map out a green space strategy for one of Brisbane’s most crowded suburbs, West End.  The popular suburb is facing proposals to quadruple its population to nearly 50,000 people, with very little provision for extra open space. Kurilpa Futures organized a workshop with a Keynote speaker, John Mongard. John’s team was the Green Space Strategy winner of the 2016 Award for Excellence in Community Design with the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects. In the introduction to this workshop he showed how a dozen different schemes to use small-underused...

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Reclaiming Lost Space to Green the City

The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects recently awarded renowned local landscape architect, John Mongard and colleagues, the 2016 Excellence in Community Design Award for their work on The Green Space Strategy. The judges acclaimed their work as an outstanding example of the vital contribution Landscape Architects can make to our civil society by helping communities articulate their visions. Now they are bringing their ideas back to the community. Through their fully illustrated talk, they will demonstrate how overlooked places might be reimagined and reclaimed as green spaces and people friendly parks that are suitable for all ages and interests. These are...

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