Author: Matthew Wotherspoon

Jason Clymo leads the way in fashion diversity

In December 2014, medical student Jason Clymo was left paralysed from the waist down after he fell down a three-story stairwell and broke his spine. Now, he is paving the way for diversity in Australia’s modelling industry, while building a name for himself as a model following his signing as a model in 2016. While being an ambassador for a number of campaigns, he is currently at the forefont of Starting with Julius and Models of Diversity – two organisations that promote diversity and inclusiveness in the modelling industry. Just recently, Clymo was also announced as a headliner for one...

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Rainbow path set to brighten up West End

Vulture Street in West End is now a little brighter, after hundreds turned out to paint rainbows on a council footpath to show support for the legalisation of same-sex marriage. Organised by Brisbane Greens councillor Jonathan Sri, the aim of the initiative was to send a positive message about the LGBT community, all while bringing a bit of colour to a busy intersection. Sri  called for locals to come to the bitumen footpath at the corner of Besant St, O’Connell St and Vulture St to lend a hand. He announced to social-media users earlier in the week: “If you have a...

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#OneWorld Exhibition brings the world together

Meet faces from around the world at Art Vision Istanbul’s premiere fundraising event, The #OneWorld Exhibition at 7pm on Saturday 14th October at The Sideshow. The celebratory showcase will feature the work of young international photographers, offering a peek into different cultures from around the world. Emerging photographers from different countries will curate their works as part of “faces from across the world” – an exhibition depicting faces from Kenya to Kosovo and Belgium to Bahrain. Based in Australia and Turkey, Sanat Vizyon Istanbul (or Art Vision Istanbul) is made up of a small group of individuals who see art as a means of mental development and...

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Upcoming exhibition showcases wonders of Minjerribah

Bringing to life the natural and cultural history of North Stradbroke Island, Mirroring Minjerribah is a one-night-only exhibition that features the works of over sixteen emerging Brisbane artists. The exhibition features works by students from Griffith University’s Queensland College of Art and Queensland Conservatorium of Music, which respond to an immersive week-long experience on Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island). Through different artistic approaches, including photography and printing, Mirroring Minjerribah pulls into focus the natural and cultural history of North Stradbroke Island and its people, while offering a unique perspective and emotional response from each artist. Artist Kate Lund (Toowoomba) described the experience as “an emotional...

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West End’s Greeks remember the tragedy of Smyrna

Ninety-five years ago, during the Greco-Turkish war, Turkish nationalist forces marched into the city of Smyrna, Asia Minor, and committed one of the largest massacres of the 20th century, leaving thousands of Greeks and Armenians dead and even more displaced. Simply remembered as ‘The Catastrophe of Asia Minor’, the brutal attack on the long-standing metropolis of Smyrna resulted in over a million Greek and Armenian refugees, whom of which were forced to seek refuge in other countries, including Australia. To commemorate this important anniversary, this Sunday, the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George in South Brisbane will be hosting a...

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