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Call for entries $10,000 Brisbane Art Prize

The Brisbane Art Prize(BAP) is an annual international art exhibition that provides Brisbane city with a high calibre art exhibition and award event. In 2017, BAP is returning to the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts from the 5th to the 28th of October. Each year, over 100 artists from across Australia, Asia, New Zealand, USA and Europe are preselected, exhibit and visit Brisbane to attend the BAP exhibition and award event. The preselection process, while inclusive is rigorous, raising the bar for all artists and ensuring a quality, high impact exhibition. In 2017, the panel includes Phil Brown...

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Locked out of the housing market? – welcome to Serf City

Picture yourself in a post-apocalyptic world, where the corporate machine has run rampant and the environment is destroyed– jobs are a thing of the past and no one can afford to buy a house. Even the owners of a card board box can be very house proud.  Only the Wunderfools can make you laugh, cry and scratch your brain all at once in this absurd microcosmic glimpse of the near future.  That’s the scenario for Serf City, being performed by Wunderfools as part of the Anywhere Festival, from 4-5pm on both Sat 13th and Sunday 14th May in front...

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Art meets nanotechnology meets the Apocalypse

A spectacular illuminated tapestry created by an RMIT researcher and artist that incorporates phosphorescent nano-pigment particles will be unveiled next week in Europe. The 36-metre work uses the particles to recreate with light a re-imagination of the 14th century Anger Apocalypse Tapestry, which represents the biblical Book of Revelations.  Dr Irene Barberis’ creation, Tapestry of Light: Intersections of Illumination, is a glowing work that features elements of the original tapestry’s 90 scenes. It will be unveiled at Brussels Cathedral on 28 April in an exhibition curated by Emeritus Professor Michelle Brown, former Professor of Medieval Manuscript Studies at the...

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Backpacks carry road safety warning

As students return to school this week, the Australian Road Safety Foundation (ARSF) is calling on Brisbane drivers to slow down around school zones, as part of its latest road safety campaign Safely Backpacks. The campaign sees students turned into powerful reminders of the importance of travelling at the right speed, sporting a 40km speed sign on their backpack. “We want every child to make it to school safely, which is why we’re urging all drivers to watch their speed in school zones. It’s important that all drivers do their part to stay within the speed limit to help...

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Letter to the Editor: Anzac Day

The enduring ANZAC legacy and the ideal of mateship are more important than ever before. Mateship is an integral part of the Australian identity. It’s an ideal that defines our nation’s character – this idea of looking out for each other, through the good times and the bad. The Salvos have served alongside Australian troops in both World Wars and has supported them on deployments in Korea and Vietnam. Today, we are present in military bases across the country. We’ve been there providing support to our troops in their times of need – giving them a hand up and...

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