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‘Indigenous Women Protecting Earth, Rights and Communities’

During UN Permanent Forum On Indigenous Issues, Indigenous Women Leaders To Speak Out On Climate Change, Indigenous Rights, and Earth Protection Indigenous women of the world stand on the frontlines of intensifying climate change impacts, and are simultaneously vital solution bearers and leaders of efforts to restore justice and health to diverse communities and the Earth. In parallel to the 2017 United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues happening in New York City in April, Indigenous women leaders from across the U.S. and around the world will gather for a public event, ‘Indigenous Women Protecting Earth, Rights and Communities’,...

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A unique brand of alternative country at the Milk Bar

West Australian, Jason Ayres, releases his brand new EP titled ‘Got My Heart’ on April 1 and is set for a series of launch dates in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Having released a string of EP’s since he began in 2007, Jason’s forthcoming EP titled ‘Got My Heart’ delivers a unique brand of alternative country. It is a new style of music that he’s dabbled in for this release but insists that he maintains his grass roots. “It’s the first time I’ve got the full band back together after seven years of being a solo acoustic artist,” says Ayres....

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Kristina Olsen and Gone Molly in West End

Kristina Olsen is one of the most entertaining and compelling performers on the international acoustic circuit. A superb multi-instrumentalist (acoustic guitar, steel-body slide guitar, saxophone, concertina, banjo, mandolin and piano) as well as an award-winning songwriter with a big bluesy voice, Kristina has audiences around the world coming back for more. Kristina Olsen – Cry You A Waterfall Opening the show will be Gone Molly, the new voice of contemporary folk.  Declan Affley award winner Rebecca Wright and songwriter Sally Harris bring to life colourful characters and tales from a rich cultural tapestry abounding in mythology, mysteries, love...

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The Flood is coming. Shit is about to get real

THE FLOOD is a philosophical drama/comedy. It follows four housemates, all twenty-something with their futures on the line. There’s Glenn, Karl, and the couple Damo and Sandra. For these unwitting heroes life lacks purpose, to each the world seems senseless and dysfunctional. It is at this moment they drop into the centre of the 2011 Brisbane Flood. There with the waters rising, they are forced to reconsider their outlooks on life and the nihilistic holes they have each fallen into. The situation demands they have no other choice. The Flood dares to ask questions that have seldom if ever been brought...

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Music for a warming world

Can art and music help stop dangerous climate change? The creators of a new and highly innovative music production from Melbourne think so. “Climate change is without doubt the most serious challenge facing us,” says songwriter and guitarist, Simon Kerr. “We wanted to find a way to tell this most important story, and as a musician it was natural to turn to music”. The result is the highly acclaimed Music for a Warming World, not just an entertaining gig, but also a stunning visual experience with high quality video and images. Kerr is uniquely qualified to do this. With...

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