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I welcome the announcement today that the by-election for the seat of Griffith will be on February 8 2014. Terri Butler – ALP candidate for Griffith This will be a hard fought campaign and it’s a fight I am ready for. The people of Griffith deserve a strong voice. The question for the people of Griffith is a simple one: do you want to give Mr Abbott’s LNP government a tick of approval? Tony Abbott, Campbell Newman and the LNP have repeatedly let down the people of Griffith: the NBN has been scrapped for an outdated system that is...

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Greens welcome by-election announcement

The Australian Greens have welcomed the announcement of a February 8th by-election in Griffith as the first litmus test of Tony Abbott’s leadership. Candidate Geoff Ebbs said the Coalition Government was hurting the people of Griffith. “People in Griffith are already suffering from Campbell Newman’s harsh cuts and we can’t afford more pain to come from Tony Abbott. “Here in Griffith we want action on global warming, a healthy reef and a compassionate society. Tony Abbott is out of step with our community. Australian Greens acting-Leader Richard Di Natale said the Griffith by-election would be a test of Tony...

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Doctors blast Glasson over Medicare

Local Brisbane GP and Vice President of the Doctors Reform Society, Dr Tracy Schrader has called on Dr Bill Glasson, LNP candidate for the seat of Griffith, to a debate on his support for mandatory copayments on GP visits. “This will be the end of Medicare” said Dr Schrader. “The government and Dr Glasson believing a $6 copayment is affordable are living in a different world. These costs add up and most of my patients have difficulties already affording medication and other care. This will be another deterrent in seeking care.” concluded Dr Schrader. “This won’t just stop at...

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Aaron Pedersen hot at Screen Awards

Hot-property Australian movie star Aaron Pedersen was interviewed this week by Tiga Bayles on West End’s 98.9 FM. Aaron was in town for the Asia Pacific Screen Awards in which he was nominated in the Best Performance by an Actor Category for his role in Mystery Road. The ceremony was at City Hall on Thursday night. The Best Actor award went to Korean superstar Lee Byung-Hun for Masquerade.  Aaron was very popular on the red carpet and did a number of interview while in Brisbane. Aaron also stars in Warwick Thornton’s new film The Darkside and is set to appear again in the third Jack...

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Good food, bad food: what’s the difference?

Health experts fear community confusion is driving Queensland’s growing obesity crisis. The grim warning comes as a new survey found only four per cent of people could tell the difference between healthy and unhealthy food. “In a recent survey, people were asked to identify foods as healthy and unhealthy. Worryingly only four per cent of people surveyed passed this simple test,” NAQ Nutrition Senior Nutritionist Aloysa Hourigan said. “The most common ‘pitfall’ was people incorrectly identifying unhealthy foods like high-sugar breakfast cereals, Caesar salads and frozen yoghurts. These foods are often marketed as healthy but actually contain high amounts...

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