Author: Phil Heywood

Sunday Mail tries to second-guess Minister

In an apparent attempt to wedge the Labor Deputy Premier and local member for South Brisbane, the Hon Jackie Trad, yesterday’s Sunday Mail features a banner headline ”Brisbane $800m West Village to be approved” a full four days before the decision is due to be announced. Based largely on speculation and specious association, the article links its precarious forecast to a trio of supposed pro-development decisions also including the Queens Wharf Casino and the Townsville Stadium, to which it is entirely unrelated. The audacious item predicts what the article seeks to promote as accomplished facts, including speculative forecasts of...

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Councillors join activists In West End Festival

This year’s West End Festival brings enjoyable activities and vibrant discussion to many places in and around West End. West End Community House will host three open air forums in the early evenings of the last week in October at the much loved People’s Parklet in Boundary Street. Places for People Places for People, a debate on how we create and use public spaces in our crowded suburb, will include contributions from former Councillor Helen Abrahams, Indigenous residents, and local award-winning landscape architects who propose a  wealth of new small open spaces throughout the  suburb. These could include closing ...

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Do we need another Entertainment Centre?

Phil Heywood of the Kurilpa Futures Group questions the planning behind the planned establishment of a new, 15,000 seat Entertainment Centre in Brisbane. Kurilpa Futures acknowledges that this is an interesting idea and sympathises with the generally positive response which it has attracted from all sides of politics. We recognise that the proposed 15,000 seat Entertainment Centre could be physically accommodated on each of the Parmalat, Go Print and Brisbane Exhibition Grounds sites. We submit that the following considerations should receive attention in reaching decisions on this matter: Adjacency and direct access to public transport of busways & rail...

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Crunch time for new planning legislation

The new Planning Act, on line to become law by the middle of the year, will set the rules to control all types of development throughout Queensland for years to come.  Four community spokespersons were invited to address a Parliamentary Inquiry Committee sitting in Brisbane throughout Friday 26 February to consider last minute improvements to these new laws, joining representatives of the development industries, planning profession and heritage interests. The community spokespersons, Phil Heywood of Kurilpa Futures, Revel Poynton of the Environmental Defenders Office, Elizabeth Handley of Brisbane Residents United and Erin Evans of the West End Community Association,...

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Kurilpa Futures grills the local candidates

Just four weeks away from the Council elections, The Gabba Ward community continues to express dissatisfaction with the unprecedented amount of development applications currently in play and the lack of meaningful community consultation, reflected in back-to back pre-election events organised in West End. On Wednesday 17 February, 150 residents turned out on a hot mid-week night and to make it clear that the community is no longer prepared to be left out of the planning for their future and The Gabba Ward constituents are demanding major changes in attitudes and practices from their elected members. Local action group –...

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